What a James Harden Trade Could Mean For the Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are currently in an interesting predicament. Struck with the news that James Harden wants out of Houston with eyes focused on the Nets, a trade could soon happen. A big three of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving would send shockwaves throughout the NBA. 

While on paper the Nets would look like a force, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a scenario for a potential downside. Any time three superstars team up, there is always a chance things could go wrong. Player roles, egos, and the last shot of a game could lead to tempers flaring. 

It’s important for the Nets to understand what trading for James Harden means. Listed below are three scenarios that could arise if the Nets traded for Harden. Only one of these scenarios are bound to happen. 

The Best Offensive Trio of All-Time

This would be a best-case scenario for the Nets.

Durant, Harden, and Irving are all elite scorers, and pairing them all together could lead to amazing results. The fastbreaks, high-volume shooting, and playmaking should excite any Nets fan. The belief that they wouldn’t work well together is nonsense.

Harden has led the league in assists before and Durant and Irving are among the best shooters of all-time. Watching these Nets games would be like watching an All-Star game. The offense would be so incredible to watch that I don’t know if they even worry about defense. The three of them alone could outscore many opponents. 

Tensions Arise and Team Falls Apart

This is what I am personally afraid of.

Having three superstars means egos would be difficult to contain, especially when you have a rookie head coach in Steve Nash. Players would need to make sacrifices and who knows what that could lead to. The culture and camaraderie the Nets built over the years could instantly be shattered.

While the results on the court may be okay, a very important question would arise… What would the Nets’ long-term situation be? This is very important to know because Durant and Harden are already past 30 and Irving, for all we know, could retire tomorrow. The Nets would probably have to give up a ton to get Harden in the first place, so the Nets’ long-term vision could be in jeopardy. 

Team is Good But Misses Depth 

This is the most likely scenario to happen.

If the Nets were to trade for James Harden, they would simply miss the depth they once had. Brooklyn would be top-heavy with three stars, but what happens if one or two of them gets hurt? All of their depth would’ve been shipped out to Houston in the trade.

The Nets also wouldn’t feel the same without some of their depth. Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Jarrett Allen are glue-guys for the Nets and fan-favorites. The Nets wouldn’t even feel the same to us die-hard fans who watched the franchise through their dark years.


If I were Sean Marks, I would not trade for James Harden. Yes, the Nets would look like instant favorites, but the risk is too high. If the Nets want to trade for another star, wait until the trade deadline and evaluate where the team is at. As of right now, Nets fans don’t know how good this team will be. Breaking up the team before getting any results has way more downside than upside. 

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