Giants’ Playoff Hopes are Very Much Alive

As The New York Giants enter their final six games of the 2020 season, their playoff hopes are surprisingly alive. That’s right. The 3-7 Giants have a fighting chance to win the NFC East. Like Big Blue, Washington, Philadelphia, and Dallas are all three-win teams. To say it is not the best year for the NFC East is an understatement. Philadelphia currently holds the lead due to a tie against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier in the season. This division is currently in a dog fight for the playoff spot, and it will likely come down to who has the best divisional record. Although The NFC East is playing more like the NFC Least, the finish to the season may get quite interesting.

Giants Playoff Requirements

One thing Joe Judge’s team has preached all year has been “One day at a time.” That mentality could be what has put the Giants on a two-game win streak, injecting themselves back into the playoff race. That’s how Big Blue will have to play these last six games as well. The Giants will face Cincinnati, Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Dallas. The Giants will likely need to win at least three of those four games to stay alive, not to mention an abundance of other outcomes. However, Big Blue has put out a good product on the field for two straight weeks, showing they’re the NFC East’s best team, beating Washington and Philadelphia. If The Giants can continue the fair, clean play, their chances are high.

What Needs to Happen

Not only do the Giants need to win, but they also need their divisional rivals to lose. The Giants will need to have the best record in the division to make the postseason. Should they win three more games, they will finish with a 6-10 record. 6-10 would likely be enough, but not if Dallas or Philadelphia win six or more games. The Giants did beat Washington twice, though, so in the event of a tie for first between Big Blue and The Football Team, the Giants would take the division. New York can jump to first in the division as early this week. They’ll need the eagles to lose, as well as Washington to beat Dallas. Giants fans all over will be cheering on their rivals from DC on Thanksgiving day.

Giants fans should be more excited than ever. Joe Judge is doing an excellent job, and the team is starting to clean up and play well. Daniel Jones has looked good, and the Offensive line is improving. Now the Giants have a chance to make the playoffs. All they need to do is squeeze in, and anything can happen; every Giants fan knows that. 



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