Welcome Home Obi Toppin! An In-Depth Look At A Possible Gem

Born in Brooklyn, Obi Toppin was selected by the New York Knicks with the 8th overall pick. In this player, the Knicks got one of the most versatile players in the draft,  and at age 22, he is the most NBA ready player too. At 6’2″, he played point guard in high school before he sprouted to 6’9″ his senior year (although he is listed at 6’8″). His wingspan is 7’2″, and played center and power forward in college for Dayton.


Obi Toppin playing point guard in high school gives him an edge with a point guard mentality in a big man’s body, which also explains his great ball-handling skills. He can dunk like the best of them with both left and right hands, and he’s great at the pick and roll. Toppin also stretches the floor, shooting threes at a high percentage. With 21 attempts his freshman year, he shot 52 percent from three-point range. His sophomore year, with more shots, he shot 39 percent from three. He moves the ball well and will be a great fit playing along with RJ BarrettMitchell Robinson, and company.
Obi Toppin was the winner of the AP Player of The Year Award. Dayton was one of the favorites to win in March Madness. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, players weren’t able to showcase their talents on the big stage. Then again, he might not have dropped to 8th. In short, his offensive talent makes him one of the most exciting players to watch.


Although he had 1.2 blocks a game, Obi Toppin’s footwork and lateral movements on defense need a lot of work. Although he’s got a great center of gravity, critics say he seems too thin to play power forward and center in the NBA (although that’s just critics, because I see a lot of strength in his center of balance).


The Knicks struck gold with this pick. A high energy player,  I see him making an immediate impact in the NBA. If he doesn’t start right away, he eventually will be starting. Despite his age coming out of college at 22, his ceiling is sky-high. With the proper coaching, he can correct his defensive deficiencies, with some hard work. On offense, his talents of shooting the three and posting in the paint can make him an instant star this year.
**Article credited to Lenny Levison
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