Should The Yankees Trade Luke Voit?

The New York Yankees are going to have to make some changes this offseason. The Yankees are coming off a heartbreaking ALDS defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays. Owner Hal Steinbrenner also said that the team lost the most money in baseball due to the coronavirus pandemic. Brian Cashman and Co. are most likely looking to cut some money so the team could get better financially, as there is uncertainty if fans will be in attendance in 2021. This could mean trading away a few players, and one of those players may be Luke Voit. Should the Yankees hold onto Voit or should they trade him?

Reasons Why The Yankees Should Keep Voit

There are various reasons why the Yankees should not trade Voit. One of those reasons is he had a breakout season in 2020. Voit slashed.277/.338/.610 and he led the MLB in home runs with 22. Voit was also in the running for the American League MVP. He also put his health on the line in 2020, playing in 55 games and dealing with plantar fasciitis for a good part of those games. He gained tons of respect among the Yankee fans for battling an injury along with a rough 60 game season and giving all of his efforts until the final out of the season.

Voit also became more of a leader in the clubhouse while Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were out with injury. After the Yankees lost their 8th game out of their last ten, Voit stood up and pretty much told the media he and the team need to play better. He constructively said this, and Yankee fans agreed. The team eventually went on a ten-game win streak after this interview, as they appeared to be playing with a chip on their shoulders. But all in all, these are solid reasons why the Yankees should not trade Voit. Keeping Voit would allow him to continue to thrive in the Bronx, and it would keep a leader in the clubhouse.

Reasons Why The Yankees Should Trade Voit

Trading Voit can pose a bunch of different scenarios. But first, let’s dive into why Voit could be dealt by the Yankees. One of these reasons is Voit’s trade value has never been higher due to his monster season in 2020.  He won’t be a free agent until 2024, and he is still 29 years old. He is also projected to make $3.7 million in arbitration as he is first-year eligible, which is reasonably priced. Voit’s health may also be a concern, he missed time in 2019 due to a sports hernia and he fought through plantar fasciitis in 2020.

One scenario where Voit can be dealt is if the Yankees trade for Francisco Lindor. This would finally give the Yankees the piece they need, which is a good defensive shortstop. Gleyber Torres had quite a few problems at short in 2020, and moving him back to second base would improve his defense. This also depends if the Yankees re-sign DJ LeMahieu. Moving Torres to second, putting Lindor at short, leaving Gio Urshela at third, and putting LeMahieu at first would be one of the best infields in baseball. It wouldn’t be possible to move Voit to DH because of Giancarlo Stanton occupying that role. Now, this brings up the question, what would the Yankees do with Voit? Well, they could trade him in a deal that sends Lindor to New York and sends Voit and other pieces to Cleveland. The Indians are not bringing back longtime first baseman Carlos Santana, and they need a first baseman. Sending Voit in this trade could benefit both sides. The Yankees could get the defensive shortstop they need, and the Indians could get the first baseman that they need.

Concluding Thoughts

I personally believe the Yankees should keep Luke Voit unless the price is right to trade him. If the Yankees can include him as part of a trade for Fransisco Lindor, then I would be for it. The Yankees badly need a defensive shortstop. It would be sad to see Voit go. He got an opportunity here in New York and he ran away with it, playing the best baseball of his career. He became a fan-favorite in New York. If the return does not involve a shortstop, then I would want to keep Voit. But if the return for Voit involves Fransisco Lindor coming to the Bronx, or if the Yankees sign a shortstop to improve defense in the infield and then trade Voit, then this has the potential to benefit the Yankees.

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