New York Rangers Jerseys: Ranking The Recent Jerseys

With each team’s Adidas Reverse Retro jersey being revealed, it’s time to rank the top recent jerseys in New York Rangers history.

The Rangers have had a total of nine different jerseys spanning from the 1998-99 season until now. For the Rangers’ Reverse Retro jersey, they have revamped their old Statue of Liberty style threads. Since 1998-99, the Rangers have had their classic blue home and white away jerseys, and two different liberty jerseys. Additionally, the team sported a heritage jersey for seven years and jerseys for their outdoor games. 


Number Nine, Classic Blue:

At number nine, I put the classic New York Rangers blue jerseys. Similar to the classic whites, the jerseys don’t have a special factor to them. They’re just plain blue, the player’s name and number on the back, and Rangers on a slant down the chest. The Rangers have worn this variation of the blue jersey since 1997-98 when they changed the striping pattern on the bottom back to white, red, white. Meanwhile, the first time this jersey was seen was in the 1930s. The jersey holds some historic value, but due to its constantly changing pattern since the 1970s, it is lower. Had they just gone directly back to the 1930s version, it would be higher on the list. 

Number Eight, White Liberty Jerseys:

At number eight, I have the white lady liberty jerseys. The Rangers wore this jersey for only one season, so due to its lack of longevity, it gets lowered on the list. The concept itself was alright. The jersey was white and had sleeves with red lines near the tricep, before going to navy blue down the sleeves. It was a shift from the original lady liberty jersey, which was navy with white lines and red down the sleeves. Had it lasted longer than a single season, the jersey would likely be higher on the list. 


Number Seven, Classic White:

At number seven, I put the classic white jerseys. The jerseys don’t really have much special about them, they are plain white with the player’s name and number on the back. The Rangers have worn this exact variation of white jersey since 1978 when it was their home jersey. Aside from two season getaway, the Rangers have sported this jersey since 1951. The jersey itself is obviously very historic for the Rangers as a team, which bumps it up in the rankings to number seven. 

Number Six, Stadium Series:

At number six are the 2014 New York Rangers Stadium Series jerseys. The jersey was white with navy shoulders. Near the elbow were navy, white, and red stripes before turning back into white for the rest of the sleeve. At the sides of the torso were navy patterns which, while not really noticeable on the ice, did not look amazing. The jersey was very nice for a special occasion and delivered the Rangers some good luck. The Rangers went 3-0 while wearing these jerseys, including two wins in outdoor games. A 7-3 win against the Devils and a 2-1 win over the Islanders


Number Five, 2018 Winter Classic:

At number five, the 2018 Winter Classic jersey takes its place in the top half of my rankings. The jersey was absolutely beautiful, which says a lot about the four jerseys ranked above it. The jersey was a beautiful navy blue variation on their classic blue jerseys. The Winter Classic Jersey even has similar striping on the sleeves and bottom. What really bumps this up is the font used and the white N.Y. patch on the shoulder of each player. This in combination with the color scheme, made for one of the best Rangers jerseys of all time. 

Number Four, New Reverse Retros:

At number four are the brand new, New York Rangers Reverse Retro Liberty jerseys. Although the Rangers are yet to play a game in this jersey, it is absolutely stunning. It is a nice play on the original lady liberty, except for a few key differences. To start, the sleeves are different. On the original lady liberty jersey, the sleeves were red on the shoulder to the tricep, then blue from the tricep to the forearm, and red from the forearm to the end of the sleeve. In the new retros, the sleeves are straight navy with three red and white thin stripes. The jersey is very nice, but not quite nice enough to make it into the top three. 

Number Three, 2012 Winter Classic:

Our first jersey in the top three is the 2012 Winter Classic jersey. This jersey is one that seems like an acquired taste, although it is very nice. The jersey had a shield crest in the center, of a New York Rangers logo. The color was off-white, which allowed for red and blue stripes to be placed on the arms, upper back, and lower back. The large text number went well with the size of the name on the back. There are not enough good things to say about this jersey in my opinion, and it brings back a great memory of the 2012 Winter Classic


Number Two, Navy Liberty:

At number two, I am putting the original lady liberty jerseys. This may come as a surprise to many people, as this jersey has been widely accepted as the best Rangers jersey ever. This jersey might be, it’s a very tight race between one and two. The only disadvantage this jersey might have compared to the one in the top slot is that I never saw the team wear it live. The original liberty jerseys left after the 2006-07 season. For some Rangers fans five or ten years older than me, this would likely be their favorite jersey. It would make them think of players like Wayne Gretzky or Jaromir Jagr

Number One, Heritage Jersey:

At the top spot, the beautiful New York Rangers navy heritage jersey. This is definitely my favorite jersey of all time. The color scheme was a great mix. The base was navy blue through and through and there were very thin off-white lines that surrounded very thick red lines. The jersey was also worn during one of the best eras of Rangers hockey, 2010-2017. After missing the playoffs in its inaugural season, the Rangers made the playoffs every year they wore this jersey. It could just be some personal bias, but seeing these jerseys brings nostalgia. Things like Chris Kreider’s first career hat trick. It makes me think of players like Henrik Lundqvist and Dan Girardi. That alone makes it deserving of the top spot. 

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