Breaking: New York Jets Fire DC Gregg Williams

The New York Jets have fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. This comes to the surprise of no one after a horrific play call that cost the Jets their first win.

The Jets fired Williams after the team lost 31-28 to the Las Vegas Raiders yesterday. His defensive play call on the game-winning play most likely got him axed.

On third and 10, with 12 seconds to go, Gregg Williams sent an all-out blitz to try to sack Derek Carr. Ultimately, the blitz failed and the result was a 45-yard touchdown reception made by Henry Ruggs.  The decision made no sense and still makes no sense to call a blitz.

Not only that, Jets free safety Marcus Maye inadvertently called him out in his post-game presser.


This isn’t the only controversy that fans have seen from Williams during his tenure with the Jets. He called out the offense in October, claiming the inability to move the ball led to the defense’s struggles.

The Jets’ defense under Williams has ranked seventh and 29th respectively in the last two seasons.

Williams Is Gase’s Scapegoat

Gregg Williams is responsible for the play call he made yesterday. But, head coach Adam Gase has made Williams the scapegoat for Gase’s failures.  Both coaches are incredibly incompetent. But, Williams has had more productivity as a coordinator and saved Gase’s job last season. Gase wishes he had the resume of Williams. I believe Adam Gase used Gregg Williams’ defensive inabilities to shield the public from his own offenses’ incompetence.

Assistant head coach Frank Bush will take over as the interim defensive coordinator. No surprise there.

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