Jets Head to Seattle to Face Jamal Adams And the Seahawks

The New York Jets head to Seattle on Sunday to face off against the Seattle Seahawks as well as a foe and former Jet, Jamal Adams.

Adams had a complex departure from the in which he requested a trade and had his mind on leaving. He went to Twitter to voice his concerns and it became evident that Adams wanted to be traded. Subsequently, he was traded to the Seahawks for a first-round pick and third-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022, and safety Bradley McDougald. It has clearly turned out to be the right move for the franchise, which sits on an 0-12 record. The team was clearly not going to win with Adams and the Jets made the right decision to trade him. The alternative would’ve been a disaster as it didn’t make sense to pay a safety over $18 million a year.

Adams and Jets Meet For First Matchup Since Trade

Now, twelve games later, Adams and the Jets will meet for the first time. The Seahawks are coming off a disappointing 17-12 loss to the New York Giants. The Giants defense held their own against Wilson and the Seahawks, who could only manage one touchdown the whole game. Jamal Adams had one of his better games of the season, just as he did last season against the Giants. He had a game-high 11 tackles and is now the NFL leader among defensive backs with 7.5 sacks in eight starts. He was all over the field just as he was in last year’s tilt, however, the result was completely different.

When asked about his thoughts about facing his former team in the following week, Adams didn’t seem to throw any more fuel to the fire. “I’m not worried about that man. I’m worried about fixing these mistakes and getting better. We’ll see them next Sunday.”

Jamal Adams is clearly playing his best football of the season and is hot at the perfect time. He has brushed off any hate that he has gotten throughout the season. This includes the ‘Blitz Boy’ comment that is seen by many fans throughout the league. Adams is focused on getting better and leading the Seahawks to the playoffs.

Jets Aware of Adams’ Potential

“Jamal presents a challenge for everyone- for our tight ends, our receivers, our line, myself, our running backs,” said Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. “He’s a really, really good player, physical player, super smart as well. So we’ve got our hands full there and we’re excited to obviously not just face him but face a really good Seattle defense.”

Adams Clears Up Issues With Head Coach Adam Gase

Jamal Adams also seemed to clear up any issues he may have had with head coach Adam Gase in the waning days of his tenure in NY. Adams likely used Gase as a final scapegoat to wanting out, however, he recently said “I don’t hate Adam Gase. I just didn’t feel he handled certain situations well as a head coach. That’s just my opinion.”

The criticism took Gase by surprise as he thought the relationship between the two “was good.” He said the two “never had any poor interactions.” Additionally, he stated that Adams was “somebody I talked to a lot and communicated with.” Adams likely scapegoated Gase as he was reportedly suffering from depression due to the losing seasons. Thus, in the end, it seems that both sides were able to get what they wanted with no hard feelings.

Jets Come Off Miraculous Defeat to Raiders

The Jets, on the other hand, are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the team, but not to the fans. The Jets were less than twenty seconds away from winning their first game of the season. The Jacksonville Jaguars had also been involved in a tight game at the same time but ended up losing. Had the Jets completed the win, they would’ve been tied with the Jaguars at 1-11 apiece. However, Jacksonville holds the tiebreaker due to the strength of the schedule and would pick first. Jets fans were about twenty seconds away from bursting into anger that they were about to win.

For some reason, the Las Vegas Raiders had a tough time dealing with the lowly Jets. It may have to do something with being in the midst of a six-game losing streak in East Rutherford, although they were able to end the streak miraculously. The Jets had taken the lead with about five and a half minutes left to play, turning the ball over to the Raiders’ offense. With the help of two penalties, the Raiders were able to get close to the end zone, however, they ended up being stopped by the Jets defense.

As a result, the Jets got the ball back needing only a first down to ice the game. They failed to do so and thus gave the ball back to Las Vegas with 35 seconds to go. On third and ten on the Jets 46-yard line, Carr unleashed a 46-yard pass to Henry Ruggs, who was essentially covered by only one Jet player. This was due to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams‘ call to blitz Derek Carr, leaving an open lane for Ruggs. Ruggs would catch the ball and run into the Jets’ end zone with thirteen seconds to play, putting the game back in the Raiders’ favor. The Jets would have one last chance in the final seconds, however, Darnold’s long pass just missed the endzone. The pass ended up being knocked down by the Raiders, who held on for the victory.

Jets Unhappy with Result, Fire DC Gregg Williams

Adam Gase and the team were not happy with the result. In the postgame, Gase and some players called out Williams’ call to blitz that late in the game. Gase regretted that he hadn’t called a timeout before allowing the play to proceed. It was clear that Gase’s relationship with Williams became tarnished, and after discussing with general manager Joe Douglas and owner Christopher Johnson, they all agreed to let go Williams. Gase made it clear that the final decision was his, casting doubt on the perception that the Jets tanked the game on purpose.

The firing also continued a string of situations in which Adam Gase failed to take responsibility for the failures of the team. Gase has seemingly shifted the blame to everyone else but him. Whether it be a lack of execution from the players or trying to explain very oddly how he was calling the plays against Miami, he has never taken full accountability. The only attempt at an attempt of accountability was when he took the blame for the struggles of Sam Darnold. However, it seemed more like excuses from the coach rather than an actual admission of fault.

Furthermore, Gase demonstrated frustration after the game following the result and Gregg Williams’ defensive call. However, Gase was aware of the play call by Williams, yet chose to not call a timeout. He said he regretted this in the postgame, but that’s a sorry response from the coach and shows how inept he is. To supposedly be “pissed” at Williams for the call, yet not call a timeout while aware of the call exhibits he fired Williams out of spite. Gase is an atrocious coach who refuses to take responsibility for his failures.

The Jets Tank Continues For Trevor Lawrence

Either way, whether the Jets tanked or not, the sweepstakes for Trevor Lawrence and the first pick continue. Jets fans were clearly ecstatic about the result as they desperately desire the Clemson quarterback. The Jets have a tough schedule the rest of the way and will have a difficult time winning a game. That is music to the ears of Jets fans, who want the top pick, and Trevor Lawrence. Of course, it would be history if the Jets do indeed go 0-16. They would be just the third term in history to do so, joining the 2017 Cleveland Browns and the 2008 Detroit Lions. They are also looking to get the first overall pick for the first time since 1996. It would be just the third time that the Jets pick first overall if they continue on their current trajectory.

Of course, the players aren’t looking to make history on a bad note. Therefore, while many will argue that the Jets are tanking, that would certainly be news to the players. The players are out there trying to win a game and also prove to the front office that they belong. At the end of the day, the Jets are not a good football team. They’ve had a couple of close games here and there and almost won last week. On the contrary, they’ve lost by multiple scores in eight of their twelve games to date. Therefore, the Seahawks theoretically shouldn’t have much trouble with the boys in green.

Prediction: Jets 14 Seahawks 24

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