Anthony Joshua Knocks Out Kubrat Pulev In Nine Rounds

Anthony Joshua knocked out Kubrat Pulev in the ninth round with a devastating right hook on Saturday to retain his multiple heavyweight titles.

The atmosphere was electric at SSE Arena in Wembley, even with only 1,000 fans in attendance.  The crowd came alive when the hometown hero entered the arena, very hyped to have a main event they could attend in person.

Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev did his walk into a sound of boos. He seemed very calm. “AJ” Anthony Joshua entered, as the home fighter, to a blast of cheers as they also sang to Joshua’s entrance walk.

As a matter of fact, trash-talking started right away by Pulev as the fighters entered the ring. First-round was a feel out round, with not many punches thrown.  Joshua out landed by a few punches. Things started to pick up in the second. Joshua was really working that jab. Joshua threw many flurries in the third and hurt Pulev badly, scoring two knockdowns. One knockdown came when Pulev turned his back to Joshua and hung on the ropes. The second time he was knocked on his back.

Joshua employed a stiff jab throughout the fight and won every round on my card entering the sixth round. The sixth round slightly goes to Pulev. Joshua took control again in the seventh leading with his jab. In the ninth round, Pulev went down with a flurry of uppercuts. To his credit he got back up–but  Joshua did quick work to knock him out with a right hand at 2:58 in the ninth round.

Floyd Mayweather was in attendance and congratulated the champ. Joshua was asked if he wants to fight Tyson Fury. His answer, “If it’s Tyson Fury, let it be Tyson Fury.” The crowd went crazy.






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