Are Steve Cohen and the Mets Overhyped for the 2021 MLB Season?

The New York Mets have a lot to look forward to in the 2021 season, starting with owner Steve Cohen. But are the Mets overhyped?

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is going after every big free agent possible, including Trevor Bauer, George Springer, Liam Hendriks, and DJ LeMahieu. Cohen is also attempting to trade for Francisco Lindor and even Trevor Story. All in all, the Mets have the money to do so, and obviously, these players would make the Mets a much better team. But is Steve Cohen giving the Mets too much hype?

The Mets Hype

The New York Mets already have one of the best lineups in baseball, both offensively and defensively. Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil, Dominic Smith, and others contribute to what can be called the best offensive lineup in the National League. Also, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Edwin Diaz, Seth Lugo, Dellin Betances, Trevor May, and other top pitchers make up the Mets’ top starting rotation and bullpen. Add on the fact that the Mets are most likely going to add a big name this offseason, as Steve Cohen says. This makes the Mets deserving of their hype.


The Mets have dealt with injuries in the past, and this can be the Mets’ best roster in a while, as everyone is healthy. The Mets are no team to play around it, especially with Steve Cohen in town. As a result, the Mets are worthy of their hype this offseason. Come 2021, the Mets can be an unstoppable force. The last few years, injuries and the bullpen have been the reason the Mets came short of the playoffs. But this year, the Mets have so much skill and depth that hype is the definition of the Mets.


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