Why the Islanders’ Broadcast Team Is The Best In Hockey

Whenever the New York Islanders play a game on one of the MSG networks, the game is always made to be more enjoyable. The increased enjoyment is in part to the Islanders broadcasting team.

The broadcasting team consists of mainly Shannon Hogan, AJ Mleczko, Jennifer Botterill, Brendan Burke, and Butch Goring. Burke does the play-by-play, while Goring is the color commentator. The dynamic duo of Burke and Goring tends to make Islander moments more exciting and memorable.

Mleczko and Botterill share a very similar role on the Islanders’ broadcast team. The two of them work the pregame, postgame, intermissions, and are between the benches during play.

But, Mleczko and Botterill usually don’t appear on the same broadcasts.

Then there’s Shannon Hogan, who is basically the host of the pregame, postgame, and intermissions. Hogan does an outstanding job at bringing anticipation to moments throughout a game. The broadcasting team has amazing chemistry.

Brendan Burke

Though he was originally from Milwaukee, Brendan Burke has become part of Long Island. Since 2016, Burke has been the Islanders play-by-play broadcaster. He also does some play-by-ply for NHL on NBC and he’s the voice of the Primer Lacrosse League. Burke’s play-by-play is some of the best in all of sports. He was able to do that by working his way up since starting his career as an undergraduate at Ithaca College.  Burke has become the reason to watch a game he’s broadcasting, even if someone doesn’t have an interest in the game itself.

Burke’s signature moment to this point occurred when the Islanders and Penguins played on April 10th, 2019. That was Game One of the 2019 first round, Josh Bailey scored the overtime game-winner and Burke made his famous “Game one to the Island” call. The call showed many people how great of a broadcaster Burke is.

Butch Goring

Butch Goring is most famous for winning 4 straight Stanley Cups with the Islanders in the 1980s. Yet, Goring has been a spectacular color commentator since joining MSG networks in 2007 and becoming the Islanders full-time color commentator in 2010. Goring has brought a lot to the Islanders’ broadcast. Goring comes from the perspective of a former player and coach. The four-time champion has a specific way he likes the game of hockey to be played. As a true classic hockey guy, he strongly expresses his opinion on the players of today. Goring also brings humor to broadcast, with a bunch of classic moments.

Shannon Hogan

Shannon Hogan has been the Islanders host/announcer since the 2014-15 NHL season. From Detroit originally, Hogan’s solidified herself on Long Island. Hogan has an outstanding way of bringing anticipation to the game at hand. Whether she’s hosting the pregame show, postgame show, or the intermission report Shannon Hogan knows how to keep fans intrigued. Hogan’s very enthusiastic about the team, and she is most definitely a pivotal part of the Islanders’ broadcast team. Hogan has a really unique ability to work amazingly with almost everyone. She doesn’t make everything serious all the time, as she sneaks a joke every once in a while.

A fun moment from the 2020 playoffs, was when Hogan and AJ Mleczko mimicked Butch Goring’s dancing from the 1980s. Before a really important playoff game, her ability to not keep everything so serious was displayed. Hogan is an outstanding host and is very talented.

AJ Mleczko

AJ Mleczko is a USA women’s hockey gold medalist, and also a silver medalist. But, Mleczko is also a phenomenal analyst. She has one of the smartest hockey minds in all of broadcasting. As a former player, who’s been in the game for a long time. Mleczko has an outstanding way to describe the game, she has the ability to analyze all facets of the game, even the more minor aspects of hockey. Mleczko also is a color commentator for NHL on NBC, as well as she is between the benches. AJ Mleczko has really been able to master the game of broadcasting. Mleczko is a key piece to the Islanders’ broadcast team

Jennifer Botterill

Very similar to AJ Mleczko, Jenifer Botterill is a women’s hockey gold medalist. Botterill is a gold medalist, but she is Canadian. She has a brilliant hockey mind and is very in touch with the game of today. The understanding of the game of today is really important to breakdown play. Botterill also works for NHL on NBC and does an outstanding job. Jennifer Botterill is an outstanding analyst, who is able to get into everything hockey. She is a very important piece to the Islanders’ broadcasting team.

Realistically, everyone on the Islanders MSG networks broadcast team makes the Islanders’ game experience better on TV. As said before, they really have great chemistry. The broadcasting team tries their best to not keep the game so serious, but keep it serious enough. As a collective, they have a way to make Islanders games interesting, even if the game is dull. This broadcasting team is most certainly the best in hockey and Islanders fans are lucky to have them.


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