Will Noah Syndergaard Return To Form In 2021?

For the vast majority of the 2020 MLB season, the New York Mets had one glaring issue. That issue was the inability to find have a consistent 2nd starting pitcher behind ace Jacob deGrom. Whether it was a bad start from Rick Porcello or Michael Wacha, the team had to rely on the offense to keep them in most games. Regression from Steven Matz was also detrimental to the team. The presence of Noah Syndergaard was missed.

With the return of former ace Noah Syndergaard, things should trend upward in 2021. After missing all of 2020 with Tommy John Surgery, he should be back for most of next season, if not all. Chances are that it may take more time than expected to recover for Syndergaard.

Even though many are excited about his comeback, there are question marks surrounding it too. Many questions regarding his return to form will be answered early in the season.

Why Noah Syndergaard WILL Return to form

Many across the MLB expect Noah Syndergaard to have a huge year in 2021. And there is a good reason to think so. Throughout the past few months, while recovering, Syndergaard has been seen practicing and has looked extremely sharp. Going forward, that is a sign of optimism as it can be a boost in his confidence.

Another main reason why he should return to his old self is his past.  In his first season as a pitcher in 2015, he posted a 9-7 record to go along with a 3.24 ERA. In 2016, he improved before injuring himself early in 2017. When he came back from a torn lat in 2018, he was a very solid pitcher for the team. While he struggled at times in 2019, posting a 4.28 ERA, he was by no means bad.

Although not all pitchers return from injury the same, Syndergaard has been hurt before and came back stellar in 2018. There is a ton of hope heading into 2021 for Syndergaard with the Mets.

Why Noah Syndergaard WON’T Return to form

While Syndergaard is a tough athlete, Tommy John Surgery has held pitchers back before. Since the injury can force pitchers to miss up to 2 years, sometimes it is difficult to regain old form. For example, Matt Harvey was nearly impeccable before Tommy John Surgery in 2013, then when he came back, it was a different story. Harvey was unable to get on track in 2016, 2017, and 2018. As a result, Harvey was out of Queens via trade to the Cincinnati Reds early in 2018.

As much as Mets fans hope Syndergaard is elite in 2021, there are limitations returning from one of the worst injuries in sports.

Final Thoughts

With all things being considered, I think Noah Syndergaard is nothing but motivated for 2021 and will have a career year. Under new owner Steve Cohen, he feels much more confident than playing under the Wilpon Family. Pitching for a stable franchise returning from an injury like this is critical.

My 2021 Predictions for Syndergaard

13-7 Record

2.88 ERA

181 K








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