Should the New York Knicks trade for Buddy Hield?

Do the New York Knicks pull the trigger and trade for Buddy Hield? No needed to explain furthermore, the Knicks are in desperate need of a star.

Earlier this week, head coach Tom Thibodeau had an interview about the Knicks and the future. Tom Thibodeau said and I quote “Sometimes you have to do it through trades, free agency. But I think you have to be very aggressive in seeking out those opportunities. They just don’t happen by accident. You have to make them happen.” By this Tom Thibodeau means you always have to be ready to make a good trade offer if a star is unhappy with their team and decides they want to leave. Additionally, Tom Thibodeau is saying the Knicks need to be aggressive in getting a star player.

Although Buddy Hield doesn’t fulfill the full meaning of a star, he can still be a valuable piece into building the Knicks into a winning franchise. As for upcoming players with potential such as RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, and Mitchell Robinson, Buddy Hield will be a no brainer if Knicks can set up a balanced trade.

Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield is going into his seventh season as last season he averaged 19.2 points per game and added three assists per game as well. He shot 42.9 percent from the field and 39.4 percent from beyond the arc. Buddy Hield is known as a knockdown shooter and is one of the best in the league for his role. Hield can spread the floor on offense giving more space for players like Obi Toppin and RJ Barrett. Buddy Hield is also a fine on-ball defender as he averaged 0.9 steals per game last year. The Knicks can use Hield at the shooting guard or small forward position depending on what lineup they choose to run.

Trade Offers For Buddy Hield

The Knicks have a good amount of availability to trade to the Sacramento Kings for Buddy Hield. One offer the Knicks can make is to send Julius Randle and two second-round picks to the Kings for Hield. Randle is earning $20.7 million dollars a year and Hield is earning $23.5 million dollars a year. This will allow both teams to make the trade because the salary cap has only a difference of about three million which the Knicks can take in. Both of the picks of the second round can be from 2023 as the Knicks stocked up on second-round picks this past free agency.

If the Kings do initially say no the Knicks can counter-offer by taking away those second-round picks and adding Dallas’s 2021 first-round pick. This pick was acquired by the Knicks in the Kristaps Porzingis trade that sent him to the Dallas Mavericks. Although this pick may not be valued high because the Dallas Mavericks are a young playoff team with a playoff berth to come. The Kings can look at the trade in a better way because this upcoming draft class is packed with star talent and many highly rated prospects can drop into the late first round.

Another trade package the Knicks can offer to the Sacramento Kings for Buddy Hield but will make a little less sense; is the Knicks sending Julius Randle, Frank Ntilikina, and Kevin Knox. Contradictory, the Knicks receive Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes, and two second-round picks. The Knicks can get an extra asset in Harrison Barnes and most likely a salary dump off as he can be moved later on. Also, the Knicks traded for a lot of second-round picks this offseason and they might want to add to the collection even more with this trade.


The Knicks are in need of a player they can work around with and a player that’s consistent. This can be a vital part of getting the New York Knicks back into a winning position. The Knicks’ best offer to make is the first option where they trade Julius Randle and either one first-round pick or two second-round picks for Buddy Hield. They have Obi Toppin to fill up Julius Randle’s position if this trade does indeed happen and the Knicks can finally get another guy they can build on with.

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Garett Gunin

I would like to keep Randle on the bench only if he stays. But more towards him leaving. Great article!

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