Exposing the Hypocrisy & Double Standard of the Jets Beat Media

The New York Jets have been an utter laughingstock this season. What no one is talking about is the hypocrisy of the beat media.

Everyone knows the organization is a joke from top to bottom. But someone needs to hold the beat reporters/media accountable.

When athletes come to New York to play for a professional team like the Yankees or Knicks, they are now under a microscopic spotlight. Everything action and word out of their mouth are critiqued or praised with no in-between. If you don’t play up to expectations, the media and fanbase heckle you and want you gone.

Class-act athletes from the city have come and gone. But there are still some sticking around today. Names that pop up are Aaron Judge, Pete Alonso, Sam Darnold, and Daniel Jones.

They all have the spotlight on them with good reason. Aaron Judge won American Rookie of The Year in 2017 and held the record for most home runs in a season by a rookie. In 2019, Pete Alonso won National Rookie of the Year and broke Judge’s rookie record, and won the Home Run Derby.

Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones were expected to be the next franchise quarterbacks of the Jets and Giants, respectively. Jones likely stays with Big Blue after the season while Darnold will likely get shipped off.

Now, let’s breakdown why the Jets beat is hypocritical.

Hypocrisy And Double Standard For Starters

2020 Season Overview

The Jets are an awful team and an organization. The team justifies losing and makes excuses for every mistake they make. The team ruined their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold by selecting the wrong head coach to develop him and lack of talent around him, not to take the blame away from him. After this season, it looks like Darnold will be with a new team. No one saw this coming at all. But the Jets beat media put so much pressure on Darnold coming into the season.

Pressure + Hostility Towards Sam Darnold Through Articles + Tweets

By no means am I saying Sam Darnold has lived up to being the 2018 third overall pick. He hasn’t. Darnold has regressed due to a multitude of factors.

Chris Carlin’s Tweet During 2020 NFL Draft Time


What’s My Argument?

Now, this isn’t a tweet made by a beat reporter. This is 98.7 ESPN NY radio personality Chris Carlin speaking. Carlin simply starts the trend by saying Sam Darnold is in a make or break year.

Mind you, Darnold is 22 years old and has not had good coaching or talent around him. But there’s no pressure on Adam Gase, right? It’s not like Gase was behind the regression of Ryan Tannehill. It is not like Gase is supposed to be this “offensive guru” and this “quarterback whisperer”. It’s not like this is his fifth year being a head coach, right Chris? Shouldn’t Adam Gase be in a make or break season because he’s literally had no success in the NFL? Neither have his offenses. As a matter of fact, his offensive scheme is far behind today’s mobile offenses in the NFL, featuring fewer pocket quarterbacks. There is no pre-snap motion whatsoever. Gase never makes his quarterbacks mobile. He’s lost.

As a matter of fact, here is an article that supports the logical argument I am presenting.



Anyways, Carlin is clearly in the wrong. Not saying Sam Darnold did himself any favors but nothing has been good around him and his confidence is shot.

This next tweet makes sense now but it didn’t back at the time written.

Darryl Slater


Darryl Slater of NJ.com is kind of right and wrong. The timing of the article is awful. It’s not like Sam Darnold has faced a ton of adversity. But no, it’s all Darnold’s fault. Funny, Slater never mentions Adam Gase at all. Darnold is still stuck behind pedestrian playcalling and below-average receivers. He has to take the fall for Gase’s failures. Nothing has changed in that respect. The reason why drafting Trevor Lawrence makes sense now is because Darnold is damaged goods. The Jets ultimately wiped away any chance of him being the long term answer. Whether it be being coached up by a terrible staff or mediocre receivers around him, Sam Darnold is done in a Jets uniform.




The headline of these articles is clear click-bait. The author is Brian Costello of the New York Post. Yes, watching the end of Sam Darnold’s tenure in the green and white is sad. But not once did Brian Costello go into depth on why Gase is apart of the problem. He only acknowledged once that Gase hasn’t worked out. Hit pieces on Darnold aren’t unusual for Costello. He’s another one who suggested that this was a make or break year for Sam Darnold. But Costello also needs to realize Darnold has been regressing all season. How could you be this tone-deaf as a member of the media? How can you not expose Adam Gase once and for all?

Comparison To  Blake Bortles?

In the second article, not once did Costello acknowledge Adam Gase’s lack of offensive genius. But, he had the guts to compare Sam Darnold to failed quarterback Blake Bortles. Bortles had more to work with as opposed to Darnold. A comparison like this is incredibly unfair.

Pressuring Sam Darnold During the Press Conferences

At 3:27 in the video above, Brian Costello asks Sam Darnold the following question:

Brian Costello: “What did you think of that call [Gregg Williams zero blitz] Sam?

Sam Darnold: “It is what it is.”

Then, Costello comes up with this beauty at 4:39 in the video:

Brian Costello: “Sam, I know you’re not gonna answer this but.  ..  You guys played your asses off and you’re in a position to win there and that defensive call makes no sense to blitz there especially with a rookie cornerback. How can you guys not be pissed off at Gregg Williams [Defensive Coordiantor] right now for making that call?”

Sam Darnold: “It is what it is. As players, we’re gonna go in tomorrow and look at the film to see how we can play better.”

I get that Sam Darnold is coming up with generic answers but what else can he say. The media is giving him no room to maneuver. If he goes after Gregg Williams, he’ll be called a selfish player. If he doesn’t go after Gregg Williams, he is too silent.

I honestly don’t get what Brian Costello was trying to do. Oh, that’s right. Costello wants Sam Darnold to throw Gregg Williams under the bus so he can generate clicks on articles.


Rich Cimini’s Arrogance

At two minutes and 12 seconds in the video, Rich Cimini of ESPN asks Sam Darnold about the speculation of the Jets looking into a new quarterback for next season.

Then, Cimini arrogantly asks “Do you feel offended, do you take it personally?

First of all, if Cimini is arrogant enough to ask that question, why can’t he ask it to Adam Gase? There have been rumors about the Jets looking for a new head coach. Do the Bill Cowher and Pat Fitzgerald rumors sound familiar? Ask Gase to address the rumors.

Then, he follows up with another question:

“Do you see yourself as like part of the long-term solution here? If so, why?”

Darnold then comes back with the quote mentioned in the tweet made by Connor Hughes from the Athletic.

Obviously, pressing a quarterback who isn’t playing well is understandable and justifiable. There is a ton of speculation surrounding Sam Darnold’s future right now, and rightfully so. But, why not ask Adam Gase this question? He should most definitely be on the hot seat.

Why doesn’t the media ask Adam Gase about his job security since the entire fanbase wants him gone? Respected NFL analysts are openly calling out Gase and his deficiencies.

Continuing With Bashing of Gregg Williams

Here’s an article calling for Gregg Williams’ job shortly after the Jets’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.


Then, Costello went on WFAN’s Moose and Maggie to create this headline.


Is firing Adam Gase a no-brainer, Brian?

By no means am I justifying Gregg Williams’ ridiculous zero blitz call. But, has this offensive coaching staff been held accountable by the Jets organization or the media? The answer is no. No one’s been fired. The only time that the coaching staff has been questioned was with the playcalling system that’s it. That was by the media.

The offense has ranked dead last in numerous categories for the past two seasons. The offensive line has been an utter mess outside of rookie Mekhi Becton. The offensive line was the NFL’s worst last season. Yet, no one has called for the firing of offensive line coach Frank Pollack.

Jets Beat Media’s Softness Towards Adam Gase

Softness Through Tweets

As I’ve previously mentioned, the media has not consistently pressed Adam Gase on his shortcomings as a head coach and offensive play-caller. The media never exposes Gase for the fraud that he is. No one knows why.  Here are some examples as to why that is the case dating back to 2019.

Brian Costello


Earlier, Costello tweeted this.


Then, Costello returned to being a mouthpiece.


I don’t know why Costello thought that he was clever. What a headline to draw clicks. He knew pretty well that Gase wasn’t trying his best and knows what he is capable of.

Then, he wrote this headline on the back of the New York Post newspaper that came out on October 13.


Hmm.. shocking, to say the least. Then, Brian Costello made himself the ultimate fool with these next three articles. Like everything else, he promotes his stuff via Twitter.


Lack Of Realization


Gee Brian, that wasn’t hard to figure out. It’s not like Adam Gase walked into Florham Park with a completely flawed resume. Nothing has changed about his coaching or personality. Thankfully, Costello has returned to reality.




Connor Hughes

Then, he tweeted this in response to Costello.


In my honest belief, no coach really should be fired after eight games unless there are suspicious circumstances. But, last season did start Sam Darnold’s demise.

Now, Rich Cimini joins in the fun.

Rich Cimini


This tweet was written in 2014, obviously. Cimini never ripped the people flying the banner calling for Jets general manager John Idzik‘s job. The people who raised the money for the plane are members of NYSF Magazine.

The magazine then funded a plane, flying a banner that read “Fire Adam Gase!” in November 2019.

Here is Rich Cimini’s reaction to that:


Cimini changes course for some unknown reason. He is a sellout.

Before that remark, he tweeted this.


Times change, don’t they?

Softness Through Press Conferences/Not Pressing Him On His Deficiencies

This might be the most frustrating part of the media. Let’s come to a realization. Jets fans know the beat media is click-bait all across the board. The fans don’t want to nor do they read the articles. I personally don’t read any of their stuff. Their headlines are misleading and the information inside the articles are one-sided. Again, in the press conferences, the media can at least expose Adam Gase for the fraud he is. But, they don’t. Here is a perfect example.

Ridiculous Manifest Of Questions

If you watch the full press conference, some of these questions aren’t offense-orientated, at all.

Connor Hughes: “Adam, why did you guys struggle as much as you did stopping the run?”

Adam Gase: “I wish I had an answer for you. It’s hard to tell without watching the film.”

See, I understand asking him those questions because he is the head coach. But, the writers have to realize that he’s gonna give you the same old answer or just draw a complete blank.

Then, an unnamed reporter asks a question, basically saying “Did your defensive gameplan change when Geno Smith entered the game?”

First of all, when Smith entered the game, the contest was clearly unwinnable at that point.

There is an entire list of questions that could be asked from the beat reporters. Here are some:

  • Why is Chris Herndon not involved in the offense?
  • Why does your offense keep running the ball on first and second down?
  • How come you’re still using Frank Gore as your bell cow?
  • How come Cameron Clark has been inactive all season?
  • Why does your offense go three-and-out most of the time?
  • Why is the offensive line not progressing?
  • What do you tell the fanbase at 0-13?

Don’t you feel disrespected when Gase gives you the same old answers? It’s time that the media grill him. More importantly, ask questions about the offense. That’s Adam Gase’s specialty as he is also the play-caller. These reporters shouldn’t hesitate to press Gase. Especially, that these same beat writers grilled Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles at the end of their coaching tenures. What changed with Adam Gase?

Two Possible Theories As To Why The Media Is So Soft

I believe there are two possible theories as to why the Jets beat media is so soft. One is more of a bigger topic than the other.

The Jets Want Control/Or Are In Control Of Editorials And What’s Asked

Reading the subheading, you’re probably thinking as to why a professional team would want to control their own editorial. I’m going to explain why this might be true.

Manish Mehta

Everyone knows what happened with Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. He is no longer writing, obviously. Anyways, Mehta was quite known for his anti-Jets editorials, most commonly his articles targeting Adam Gase. I’m not gonna speak about what Mehta did behind the scenes. I’m gonna go into why I think his scandal was brought to like.

I personally think the Jets dug up dirt on Manish Mehta because he wrote editorials the Jets didn’t like. Now, I am not saying what Mehta did behind the scenes was right. But, I believe Gang Green has set that precedent. And, oh boy. . is it a dangerous one. But why set the precedent on a beat writer who’s been working for ten years? No one knows.

This isn’t the first time the Jets removed credentials from someone or a group of people who wrote negative editorials about them. Another victim of this is NYSF Magazine. As of 2019, they have no credentials for critiquing the Jets too much in their content.

Don’t think it’s impossible that the Jets search through social media to see what people think of them. It’s utter paranoia. Owner Woody Johnson has a Twitter account. But, I believe it’s for all of the wrong reasons.

Control Is The Key

You see, when you are this bad of an organization, you begin to grow paranoid and begin to care what people think. You become desperate. Quite frankly, you begin to censor those trying to be realistic and oppose your view. It’s like the Jets run a PR operation that is similar to state-run media in communist countries. Now, I am not suggesting that the Jets have anything to do with communism. It’s a state of operations that reflects a characteristic of communist governments and governments who want control. Gang Green should know they are in the wrong.

This is one theory as to why the beat media doesn’t ask the tough questions. As a matter of fact, I began to notice this when Adam Gase got hired. I mean he essentially received the keys to the franchise. He essentially got Mike Maccagnan and team president Neil Glat fired. Not to mention, he also picked the next general manager.

These writers are scared of losing their credentials, in my opinion.

The Beat Reporters Are Slacking On The Job

Everyone knows this has been a disaster of a season for the New York Jets. Nonetheless, there are no interesting stories to come out. A majority of Jets fans don’t read the article. Comparatively, why read that garbage when you could start your own Jets podcast and gain a somewhat significant following? Fan podcasts are gaining traction as I speak. Each Jets fan feels they share a common ground or opinion.

The reporters are bored out of their minds trying to get clicks. Moreover, you can just send out ridiculous articles like this.

Personally, Mark Cannizzaro used this article to trigger Jets fans and draw clicks. Personally, I don’t even know why fans clicked on that article. Quite frankly, the headline is crystal clear and produces no clickbait.

Journalism is great when the editorials aren’t controlled. As a matter of fact, I believe the media’s hands are tied but that provides no excuse to write clickbait. Bring up interesting topics about the team. Create conversations and open discussions. That’s what journalism is all about. Stating an opinion and having people debate the topic.

Anyways, the Jets beat media seems to have no interest in writing articles that generate discussion. It’s all for clicks or paychecks. Altogether, the Jets beat media hypocrisy and organizational incompetence have created one sorry state of affairs.

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