Canelo Alvarez Gives Callum Smith A Beatdown

As the Alvarez family legacy in boxing was on the line, it seemed to not worry Canelo Alvarez as he gave Callum Smith a beating, by putting on a clinic. A lopsided unanimous decision.

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Canelo Alvarez is the youngest of seven boxing brothers and Callum Smith is the youngest of four boxing brothers. Which made tonight’s fight for the family legacy. Therefore, that is what made this a match-up predicted to be interesting. This was Canelo’s crowd as the majority. As a matter of fact, there were thousands in attendance for this bout.


As the fight began, Smith tried to assert his jab, where Alvarez was trying to close the gap. As Callum Smith went away from his jab, Canelo took advantage and started landing more freely. Alvarez’s defense was fantastic from early on, even though he was backing up Smith, he was moving his head great to elude punches.

Midway way through, Callum Smith was eating a lot of leather. It was clear Canelo Alvarez had more power. He was often body punching to open up his full arsenal. In the ninth round, he began beating Smith badly and hurt him a few times. It seems the few times Smith has landed didn’t even hurt Alvarez, he kept moving forward.  A few rounds before the last round, Callum Smith began bleeding from the nose. Canelo Alvarez gave Callum Smith a beating on way to a unanimous decision.

Two judges had it 119-109, one judge had it  117-111. I also had it 119-109. Total punches thrown, 484 for Canelo who landed 209, Callum threw 536 and landed 97.  Power punches went 220 thrown and 126 landed for Canelo, 228 thrown, and landed 55 for Callum.

Tonight, the Alvarez family secured their family boxing legacy. Gennady Golvkin may be next. Also, Errol Spence Jr said he wants to move up and fight Canelo Alvarez.





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