Report: New York Jets Being Investigated by the NFL

According to an inside source, the New York Jets are being investigated by the NFL. The reason for the investigation is injury mismanagement by the team.

Things can’t be worse for the Jets.

The NFL is specifically investigating the team’s upper management. New York has fielded an abundance of injuries in the last two years. Also, two former players filed grievances against the Jets. The team has also mismanaged numerous injuries.

Players in this conversation are Luke Falk, C.J. Mosley, Kelechi OsemeleQuincy Enunwa, amongst others. Osemele and Falk filed grievances against the Jets last season. These grievances likely led to the investigation.

Per source, this investigation could lead to the firing of Adam Gase and his entire staff plus subtraction of draft pick losses.

Luke Falk

Luke Falk played in three games for the Jets last season while Sam Darnold had mononucleosis. In three games, defenses sacked Falk 16 times in just three games. Safe to say the offensive line sucked and he didn’t have great pocket awareness.

Falk endured a hip injury with the team last year before his release.

Not once was Falk mentioned in the injury report the week prior to his release. The case could be that Falk notified the Jets about his injury and they believed it wasn’t serious.

After his release, Falk filed a grievance against the Jets through the NFL Players’ Association.

Kelechi Osemele

In 2019, the Jets acquired Osemele in a trade with the Oakland Raiders.

On October 15, it was revealed that Osemele suffered a shoulder injury and needed surgery to repair it. His personal doctors advised him to undergo the surgery. On the other hand, team doctors advised him to play through it and believed the injury was pre-existing.

Every day that Osemele didn’t show up to practice, he was fined. Although, Osemele was apparently taking medication. Why would the Jets tell him to play through injury if he was taking medication?

Eventually, Osemele underwent the surgery and the Jets released him. He then became the first player to file a grievance against the Jets.

The Jets could argue Osemele played through it. Osemele could argue he was taking medication and needed time to rest.

C.J. Mosley

The Jets signed Mosley in March 2019. In his first game as a Jet, he played out of his mind, at least for the first three and a half quarters. Mosley injured his groin late in the game and left promptly.

He was projected to be out for a while. However, the Jets did sketchy stuff behind the scenes. Reportedly, head coach Adam Gase forced the head trainer to clear C.J. Mosley to play or else he’d be fired. The trainer was demoted after the 2019 season.

The Jets cleared Mosley to play in Week 7’s Monday Night Football contest versus the New England Patriots. The Patriots blew out the Jets 33-0. Even worse, Mosley didn’t look healthy and missed time again.

On December 3, the Jets placed Mosley on the injured reserve list and missed the rest of the season.

Quincy Enunwa

Enunwa played with the Jets from 2014-19. He had known to be injury-prone throughout his career. He suffered a neck injury in 2017, prematurely ending his season.

In 2019, Enunwa suffered another neck injury, this time in the opener against the Buffalo Bills. Enunwa was ruled out for the season afterward.

The Jets mismanaged him even though he was out for the season. The team fined Enunwa for not showing up to rehab on Veterans’ Day. Enunwa claims that he took his wife out to lunch to celebrate the holiday since she is a former veteran. He also took shots at the organization and head coach Adam Gase fired back. Tensions remained hostile until his release in July.


The Jets played with fire on all of these injuries and should be held accountable. General manager Joe Douglas should be held accountable for overseeing these operations and not saying a thing or doing anything to stop it. Adam Gase and team doctors should be held accountable for executing such negligence and mismanagement on injured players. This is a serious but also a fireable offense.

A likely consequence of this is a loss of picks plus some firings.

Also, the Jets front office is not taking the accountability they should. Per source, they’re playing the blame game and Adam Gase is the likely scapegoat. Not saying Gase is innocent but the front office deserves the blame they get.

I end with one question: How can the Jets as an organization allow this kind of incompetence?

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