Will Luis Severino Rebound For The Yankees In 2021?

Luis Severino managed to start only three games for the New York Yankees in 2019.  He made these appearances towards the conclusion of the season as the Yankees were in a good spot for contention.  His numbers in the small sample were phenomenal.  In the three games, he posted a 1.50 earned runs average, two hits, six walks, seventeen strikeouts, no longballs, and a field independent pitching of 2.13 over twelve innings.  Luis Severino put up better numbers in these three games than in his two previous all-star campaigns.  However, he ended up back on the injured list following a season-ending surgery in the offseason.

2019 Return

Since Sevy looked so promising after his first return from a long-term injury, there should be no question regarding whether he can put up those numbers again.  The question is can he stay healthy?  Severino was terrific in his 2019 brief stint with the team.  He certainly did enough in the eyes of the Yankees management; therefore, they have faith that he can return to his form in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Severino, Sanchez, And The Front Office

A high level of faith in a player has backfired for the Yankees recently.  General Manager, Brian Cashman, had a tremendous amount of faith in the catcher, Gary Sanchez.  For the first time in Sanchez’s tenure as a Yankee, Cashman is listening in on trade rumors revolving around the backstop.  If Severino fails to have a healthy 2021 season, it would not be a surprise to many fans if they packaged the two out.  That may be a little harsh, but the Yankees’ fanbase is desperate for their twenty-eighth ring and will be willing to part with the two for a championship.  In the 2019-2020 offseason, Cashman was pressured into offering Gerrit Cole a boatload of money to pursue a championship.  Cashman has shown that he is willing to get the Bronx back in the World Series so the pressure is on for Severino and Sanchez.

Can Severino Rebound?

The Dominican pitcher has what it takes to rebound.  He will likely return as the number two starter in the rotation; therefore, he no longer has to be the ace.  Cole has taken on that role for the long-term so with less pressure on Severino, he can certainly rebound.  First of all, the Yankees have enough rotation depth so Severino won’t be required to pitch a taxing amount of innings.  Secondly, Severino has had a sufficient amount of time to recover and rebound.  Severino likely pushed himself to get back in time for the 2019 playoffs to prove he was ready.  Severino is a competitor and wants to contribute on the mound for the Yankees.  He may have rushed his rehab; however, this factor is not of concern for the pitcher from his most recent surgery.  Severino will return to his all-star form in 2021.

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