The New York Giants fall to the Ravens in a Must Win Game

New York Giants versus Baltimore Ravens Recap

The New York Giants fell to the Baltimore Ravens in a must-win game 27-13. The Ravens started the game off strong and outscored the Giants 14-0 in the first quarter. The Ravens continued to score against the Giants as the Ravens outscored the Giants 6-3 in the second quarter. However, the Giants held the Ravens to a scoreless quarter as the Giants outscored the Ravens 3-0 in the third quarter. Concluding, no team outscored the other one in the fourth quarter as the quarter ended in a score of 7-7. Overall, the Giants once again disappoint in a must-win game as their playoff hopes rest on the Dallas Cowboys, and the Carolina Panthers to both win their games.

Takeaways from the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens Game

The Giants need to reshape their offensive line completely.

The whole New York Giants offensive line did not step up to play against the Ravens. The Giants offensive line let up six sacks for the day. Also, an unbelievable and unbearable three sacks in a row, on three back to back snaps. This caused Daniel Jones not to have any time in the pocket to throw. Daniel Jones didn’t have any room in the pocket, which could’ve been very useful if he wanted to scramble out and run.

The offensive line also didn’t provide consistency in the run game. The New York Giants ran the ball a total of twelve times for only 54 yards. It is evident that the Giants were trying to establish a run game early but quit because it wasn’t successful. This was a significant flaw in the game and a substantial reason for the Giants inefficiency at offense, only scoring 13 points.

The Giants defense could not stop Lamar and the Ravens offense.

A major problem the New York Giants had in the game was getting to Lamar Jackson. After the snap, Lamar Jackson accordingly had around six seconds to throw, which is almost three times more than the standard time the quarterback has in the pocket. As a result of this, Lamar Jackson made quick and easy decisions such as dumping it off to the flats, scrambling out, or throwing it away. Another product of this poor play is it opened up receivers with the time Lamar Jackson had. One big target was Mark Andrews, as he had 76 yards on six receptions. Marquise Brown and Dez Bryant were also options as they both caught touchdowns. Especially with an outstanding mobile quarterback, Lamar Jackson could relax and make quick and easy decisions.

Although the New York Giants have a very good defensive line staring players such as Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence, and Dalvin Tomlinson, they could not stop the Ravens run game. Players such as Gus Edwards. Lamar Jackson and J.K. Dobbins had field days running the ball. Leading the way is Gus Edwards with 85 yards on 15 carries. Next is Lamar Jackson, with 80 yards on 13 carries. Then finally, J.K. Dobbins with 77 yards on 11 carries. A nightmare night for the Giants defense that has played very well throughout the season.

Daniel Jones had a bounce-back week besides the team’s poor effort.

Daniel Jones completed 24 of his 41 passes for a total of 252 yards and one passing touchdown. When the Giants offensive line had a clear pocket for Jones, he threw the ball very well. The main point is that he was patient and didn’t force anything, which as a result, he ended the game with zero takeaways. This is a big sign of improvement from the young quarterback as he tends to turn over the ball a lot. The New York Giants leading receivers consist of Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Dante Pettis. Sterling Shepard had 77 yards on nine receptions and a touchdown. Evan Engram had 65 yards on seven receptions. Finally, the new receiver Dante Pettis had 33 yards on two receptions. Overall, a good performance from Daniel Jones as he continues to prove the doubters wrong.


In conclusion, the New York Giants came out flat against the Baltimore Ravens. Now, there are many questions with Dave Gettleman, the Giants general manager, and whether he keeps his job after this season. Many say that if the Giants make the playoffs, which is very slim now, Gettleman will keep his job, but if not, Gettleman will lose it. We will have to see as the Football season is coming to an end.

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