Evaluating Steve Nash’s Early Season Performance as Head Coach

It’s now time to look into rookie head coach Steve Nash’s very early reign as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. This comes shortly after a Nets loss to the Grizzlies last night. The team stands at 2-2 under Nash’s watch.

With former head coaches as his assistants (Mike D’Antoni and Jacque Vaughn), I believe Nash has now settled into his head coach position very nicely. Even four games in there’s a lot you can see in him right now.

What Positives Has Nash Brung To The Nets?

It definitely looks like the players like their coach. After their 125-99 whooping of the Warriors, Kyrie Irving gave Steve Nash the game ball.

I like most people was not on board with Caris LeVert coming off the bench. But so far it has worked really well. Caris LeVert is the third-best scorer on the team so if they want him to be their Lou Williams. I think it’s the right move. Especially now with Spencer Dinwiddie being out for the rest of the season. It seems like ages ago now but Kenny Atkinson would occasionally take players out of the game while they’re on a scoring streak. He did this mostly to his best players which at the time was only D’Angelo Russell. Thankfully I haven’t seen anything like that thus far.

It’s still a little too early to tell but I believe Steve Nash is New York ready. If you don’t know what New York ready is, I want you to really quickly go watch a Ben McAdoo press conference then immediately go watch a Tom Coughlin press conference. Some people simply just aren’t ready for that NY media pressure. You do something dumb they put you on the back page of a newspaper then talk about it all over the radio. Steve Nash has been through dealing with the media as a player you can see him handle it very well now as a head coach.

What Negatives Has Nash Brung To The Nets?

At this point in his career, DeAndre Jordan should not be starting over Jarrett Allen. Jordan is still a great rebounder and finisher at the rim but you see him not give full effort on both sides of the court. As of now, Jarrett Allen is averaging eight points and 11 rebounds per game. Jordan is averaging three points and nine rebounds per game. I still think that Jordan can be a great backup center. But come playoff time? This team needs Jarrett Allen starting at center.

These last possession decisions in these last two games have been horrible. Kevin Durant shot a baseline fader against the Hornets down two and he missed but to be fair Durant makes that shot nine out of ten times. But the Grizzlies game bears no excuse. Tied game Caris LeVert has the ball with 12 seconds left and instead of taking it to the hole he shoots a step-back three to win it and he misses. How is that the best shot this team can come up with? Then in overtime, Joe Harris chucked a three-pointer out of nowhere. What’s the point of having a timeout if you’re just gonna chuck it up and just hope it goes in?

Obviously, when Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are on the court they’re gonna create their own shot in the clutch but I just don’t understand this late-game play calling. Only time can tell how Nash is going to continue for the rest of this season as head coach. He’s made some nice decisions with the lineups but how is it gonna translate when the Nets play some contending teams like the Bucks or Lakers? Is he eventually gonna put Jarrett Allen in at starter or will we continue to have to see DeAndre Jordan out there? It’s gonna be very interesting to see how he handles Durant and Kyrie’s rest days throughout the season.




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Adriatik marke

Nash will be a great coach👊🏻

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