Nets Struggle Defensively In Loss To The Atlanta Hawks

The Brooklyn Nets must’ve celebrated too much for New Years’, they struggled tonight. The Atlanta Hawks beat up the Nets tonight 114-96. Most definitely the worst game so far of the 2020-21 season for Brooklyn. Too many mistakes plagued the Nets to start off 2021 on the wrong foot. The Nets fall to 3-3 after this loss.

Struggling With Turnovers

One of the most costly mistakes throughout the whole season has been turnovers. The Nets have a real problem turning the ball over. Look, the Atlanta Hawks are a  good team, but this has happened the past few games and these turnovers are just inexcusable. Tonight, the Hawks were really good at taking advantage of the turnovers. Brooklyn just can’t win games when the other team is taking clear advantage of turnovers. Fundamentally in basketball, limiting turnovers is huge. A championship-caliber team is able to limit turnovers, it is a monumental aspect that Steve Nash‘s coaching staff has to work on.

Atlanta’s Huge Three-Point Shooting Advantage

The Brooklyn Nets have been known as a team that is very lethal from three-point range. Tonight, they were as cold as ice. Kevin Durant and Joe Harris were average from three, but the rest of the team played abysmally. But, Atlanta barely missed from three. John Collins, Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter, and De’Andre Hunter all hit their threes. They were good from three on Wednesday, but they were somehow better tonight. Brooklyn on the other hand couldn’t make a shot from three.

The Nets lacked good defense

The Nets defense played inexcusably tonight. There were too many times where Hawks players were left wide open. It undoubtedly not going to work, if the Nets consistently just rely on their offense. DeAndre Jordan and Taurean Prince need to play better on the defensive end. But overall, Brooklyn showed lackluster defense tonight. Improvement is totally needed, this team has not shown their best on defense.

It may not be time to panic yet. But, the Brooklyn Nets need to improve on many facets of the game of basketball. There were some good parts of their game tonight, but the bad overshadows the good. This team will get better as they build chemistry. Understandably so, this team needs to clean up the mistakes. As it’s known this team is really good, but tonight they struggled. Caris Levert and Jarrett Allen need to step it up behind Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Improvements are clearly needed, but it is still early. It is way more acceptable to struggle now rather than later in the season.

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