Breaking News: Jets Fire Head Coach Adam Gase

The day has finally come. The New York Jets have fired head coach Adam Gase. He is dismissed after two seasons with the team.

The Jets went 9-23 under Gase and never made the playoffs once. The team will now start their coaching system.

Some to watch are:

The Jets under Gase recorded their worst start to a season, losing their first 13 games. Gase was hired by the Jets on January 11, 2019 thanks to a Peyton Manning phone call to owner Christopher Johnson.

Adam Gase saw himself in a lot of controversy as the Jets’ head coach. He’s mostly responsible for Sam Darnold‘s regression. Although, the Jets brought him in to help Darnold grow. He also alienated himself from players in his time with the Jets. As a matter of fact, players like Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell found themselves in controversy with Gase.

In both seasons as Jets head coach, the offense ranked 32nd. So much for being an “offensive guru”.

Jets fans can breathe a sigh of relief.



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