Breaking: Taj Gibson Re-Signs with Knicks On Vet Minimum

Despite being waived by the New York Knicks in November, Taj Gibson has rejoined the Knicks on a veteran minimum. Gibson started the majority of Knicks games the previous season, however, he’ll take on a different role this season.

What will Gibson’s role be?

Thibodeau has made clear that Mitchell Robinson is the starting center and will remain in that position. Additionally, Nerlens Noel is expected to continue as the backup center off the bench for New York. Taj Gibson will likely take on a role as a leader on the bench who can mentor Robinson. At only 22, and a rather inexperienced player, Robinson will receive much help from the recently signed big man.

Gibson averaged a lowly six points and four rebounds the previous season. Although he surely won’t receive big minutes under Thibodeau, he’ll surely be a good mentor off the bench for this young Knicks side.

Why Taj Gibson?

Rumors began to spread recently after the season began regarding the Knicks bringing in a third center. Tyson Chandler and Taj Gibson were the two names that were at the top of Leon Rose’s list. The Knicks decided to put their confidence in Gibson because of his past with head coach Thibodeau. The center played under Thibodeau with the Timberwolves as well as with the Bulls. Thibodeau surely had an influence in this decision, as he had much more trust in his former player.

Spellman Is Waived

The signing of Taj Gibson will mean Omari Spellman will lose his position on the team. The Knicks were forced to waive the 23-year-old despite only bringing him in very recently. Spellman failed to make an appearance this season due to an injury that kept him off the court for multiple weeks.

The Knicks take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday in hopes of extending their win streak to three. Gibson won’t likely make an appearance during this game, but will surely be introduced in the near future.

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