Knicks And Nets Playing For New York Pride

The Knicks and Nets will be playing for New York pride today at 7:30 PM. Despite both organizations playing in NY and only having half a game separating the two in the standings, the basketball world predicts two different outcomes.

Although the Nets have had their ups and downs, they are expected to be a playoff team this season. The Knicks on the other hand are expected to improve this year and be more competitive.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets took a playoff team and added two superstars to solidify their roster. Unfortunately, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving weren’t able to showcase their talents until this season. Irving is now expected out until at least January 18th, and Spencer Dinwiddie is out for the season. Yet the goal is still the same, and as long as Durant is healthy, he still makes a big difference being one of the hardest players to guard in the NBA. Also, Caris Levert is putting up numbers that show he’s a key piece to the puzzle. Steve Nash has his work cut out for him, but there are plenty of games to be played this season. And the Nets will look to beat the Knicks for New York pride.

New York Knicks

Under Tom Thibodeau, the Knicks have shown signs of being a competitive team this year. As a matter of fact, it especially shows on the defensive end. Coach has instilled that mentality in them that begins with defense, and the Knicks will host the Nets to show them their mentality. The player who has most benefited is Julius Randle. He’s elevated his game to possibly an all-star for his first time in his career. Other players have bought into the system too, and as a unit, they’ve shown signs of being competitive against any team (any given day). Put the slumps aside, and watch this team progress as the season goes on. This game of pride should give them an extra incentive.

The Rivalry

Knicks and Nets will play their first game of the season Wednesday, and the winner will be up to half a game on the other. It has been a while since both teams were relevant at the same time. Therefore this might be the start of something worth bragging about. On paper the Nets are the better team, statistically, they are only half a game better. Being that this is the first game, Knicks and Nets will be playing for New York pride. As a whole, they’ve played 199 regular-season games, Nets winning 98 and the Knicks winning 101 games. Furthermore a more interesting statistic, the Brooklyn Nets played ten playoff games against the New York Knicks, and they split it five apiece. The crosstown rivalry between the two teams could make for some good playoff battles in the future.

This season the Brooklyn Nets are trying to prove that they are the deep playoff team they thought after they brought in Durant and Irving. Knicks are trying to prove they are relevant again. For the fans, this rivalry will be for New York supremacy. The players will say otherwise, it’s just another game, but we know better.



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