Should the Brooklyn Nets Trade for George Hill?

After acquiring James Harden, the Nets have fully committed to winning now. To enhance their chances, Brooklyn must trade for George Hill. The Brooklyn Nets have, when healthy and motivated, 3 of the top 10 individual talents in the NBA. However, talent alone does not win championships. The Nets sacrificed their future by trading away Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert. Given that Irving, Harden, and Durant can all opt-out of their contracts after next season, Sean Marks must do everything he can to win a championship now. This means that the brilliant Marks must find a way to acquire George Hill.

Who is George Hill?

Hill is a savvy veteran in his 13th NBA season playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s no secret that OKC was not Hill’s desired destination, as the Thunder are clearly rebuilding. On the contrary, Hill is used to playing on contending teams. It’s likely that the Thunder will look to trade Hill since he doesn’t fit their timeline. General Manager Sam Presti is known for trading away players for young assets or draft compensation. George Hill provides the Nets with much-needed experience and leadership. Hill has started games in the NBA finals and Eastern conference finals. In fact, Hill’s teams have finished with the number one seed in 4 of Hill’s seasons in the NBA. Despite team success and being one of the most respected players in the league, Hill has never won a championship. The Brooklyn Nets provide Hill with the best opportunity to win a championship. 

What Would His Role Be?

The Nets obviously have plenty of offense with their three stars, but ever since the trade was made, critics have been bashing the Nets for their lack of defense. The Nets defense this season has already looked poor, even with a good shot blocker in Jarrett Allen. Now, subtract Allen and add Harden, someone who is mocked for his poor defensive play. It isn’t unreasonable to think that the Nets will struggle on the defensive side of the floor. Hill will serve as a massive upgrade on defense. He is a very capable defender worthy of being given the task of guarding the opponent’s lead guard. He also used to play for Milwaukee, so he could potentially help the Nets defend against their offensive system should the Nets play the Bucks in the playoffs.

On the offensive side of the ball, Hill is a steady, reliable three-point shooter. He even led the league in three-point percentage a year ago. With all of the attention that the Nets Big 3 will draw, Hill should frequently find himself open behind the arc. He can also penetrate defenses and create shots for others if the stars are having off nights, or are resting. Hill would serve as the clear leader for the second unit, especially since Spencer Dinwiddie went down with a partially torn ACL. The Nets don’t have a backup point guard on the roster other than Chris Chiozza, who Steve Nash probably doesn’t trust throwing into a playoff game. Hill would fit perfectly into the Nets rotation and system. 

The Asking Price

What the Nets would give up for George Hill is probably what’s most important. Any contending team would take a guy like Hill at a cheap price. The Thunder are greedy for assets, so the asking price might be a little high. The Nets don’t really have any more first-round draft picks to trade away. They would likely have to give up a second-round pick and a decent young player. Landry Shamet, who’s been underwhelming thus far, along with a second-round pick should do the trick. Regardless of the asking price, the Nets have committed to winning this season. They must trade for George Hill in order to beef up their bench and improve their defense. Nets fans, get excited because a championship parade might be in the near future if George Hill comes to town.   

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