Should the Nets Trade for Derrick Rose?

Recently, the Brooklyn Nets received James Harden from a four-team trade. They now need supporting casts as they traded away many valuable assets for the former MVP and the most suitable target is Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose will surely fill the void that was left by Caris LeVert (traded) and Spencer Dinwiddie (injured). He has the ability to facilitate and score at will. Brooklyn Nets will benefit so much from him offensively.

Why the Nets should target Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose’s contract will expire at the end of this season and the Brooklyn Nets should take advantage of that. He’s nowhere near his prime but, he can still give the Nets a double-digit scoring and playmaking. Last season, he averaged 18.1 points and 5.6 assists on 49 percent field-goal shooting—numbers that will be a big help for the team’s postseason run.

The only red flag on his skills is his outside shooting. He just shoots 30 percent of his shots from behind the arc last season. Thus, there are still so many games left this season and he still has a lot of chances to improve it before the playoff comes.

What can Derrick Rose give to the Nets?

The Nets already have two top 10 guards in the NBA right now with Kyrie Irving and James Harden, yet their backup guards were not enough to fill the gap. Derrick Rose will be the correct piece to add some fuel to their backcourt. He can provide this team with his leadership and offensive firepower while the starters are having some rest.

His explosiveness and athleticism were now gone but still, he has the playoff experience that can be helpful for their playoff push. The second unit could learn something from him. His attitude will also boost their lineup to the extent.

Who will be the pieces to make this trade happen?

Recently, there’s a report swirling around that the Detroit Pistons is asking for a first-round pick in any deal centered around Derrick Rose. This could be a hard decision for the Nets as they already gave up 3 first-round picks for James Harden.

The Nets are now above the salary cap and this will limit them from targeting Derrick Rose. We know that they still have a mid-level exception worth less than $6 million but that’s not enough. They need to trade or waive players to make this happen.

This will be a hard situation for the Nets but they can still sway the Pistons if they are willing to trade Tyler Johnson and Landry Shamet in addition to a future pick. But now, it is impossible yet as several teams are eyeing the former MVP.

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