Breaking: Mets Fire GM Jared Porter

New York Mets’ owner Steve Cohen announced swiftly this morning that the Mets have fired the team’s general manager, Jared Porter. The Mets brought in Porter, 41 to be the Mets’ General Manager after a long search. Many in baseball applauded the hire, and Mets President Sandy Alderson alluded to Porter’s eventual replacement of him.

Mets Find New GM

Porter has had a length career throughout various baseball front offices with the Cubs, Red Sox, Diamondbacks, and then the Mets. The Mets were adamant about building a distinctive culture and establishing a successful front office. Porter began his baseball career with the Red Sox under Theo Epstein. He worked there during their three title runs as he moved up from an intern to the director of professional scouting.

Following his stint in Boston, he reunited with Epstein with the Cubs when they won the World Series in 2016. He served in the same role that he finished off in Boston. Then, Porter would join the Diamondbacks in 2017, where he would serve as their senior vice president and assistant GM. He eventually became a candidate for several of the GM openings, however, he found a home in NY.

Jared Porter’s Harassment of Female Reporter

However, it was revealed late last night that Porter has been involved in a disgusting harassment scandal. In 2016 while Porter was in Chicago, he sent many inappropriate text messages to a foreign female reporter. Those included sixty text messages without a response from the reporter, along with unsolicited nude photos of himself.

The text relationship began mutual, as the reporter was seemingly a little confused. Porter sent a selfie of himself, and the reporter responded with one of herself. He then asked if she wanted more and continued to be relentless in trying to get her attention. He began complimenting her appearance and wondered why she had ignored him.

The reporter initially didn’t want to seem awkward in a relatively harmless back and forth, however, it was clear Porter escalated to an uncomfortable situation. Once the reporter made sense of the sexual nature of the photos sent by Porter, she began to rightfully cut off communication. Evidently, Porter did not get the memo as he continued to harass the reporter with more photos and texts.

Finally, with the help of a player and interpreter from her home country, they crafted a response to send to Porter. The text read “This is extremely inappropriate, very offensive, and getting out of line. Could you please stop sending offensive photos or msg?” Porter responded with a series of messages “Oh I’m sorry,” “I will stop,” “I really apologize.” The last text he sent to her was when he said “I’m sorry,” one last time and sent a photo of Dodger Stadium.

Reporter Contemplates Suing Porter, Alerting Cubs

The reporter contemplated alerting the Cubs and/or filing a lawsuit against Porter. She eventually alerted a Cubs employee from her home country, who tried to serve as a median between the two. Porter wanted to apologize in person, but the reporter declined as she was rightfully scared. As a result, she did her best to hide from him in any situation where she may have run into them. She eventually returned to her home country and left the journalism industry altogether.

Porter, on the other hand, continued to progress in the baseball world as he moved on to the Diamondbacks and then the Mets. The reporter moved on to a new career in finance but rightfully questioned “Why do I have to hide?” She couldn’t understand how she could make a living in an industry where she didn’t feel completely comfortable. “Why do I have to put myself through these situations to earn a living? she said.”

Mets Terminate Jared Porter

Thus, after 37 days as the Mets General Manager, Jared Porter has been let go by the Mets. Mets owner Steve Cohen made the following statement on Twitter. “We have terminated Jared Porter this morning. In my initial press conference, I spoke about the importance of integrity and I meant it. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”

Sandy Alderson responded minutes later in a statement that said “The New York Mets have terminated General Manager Jared Porter, effective immediately. Jared’s actions, as reflected by events disclosed last night, failed to meet the Mets’ standards for professionalism and personal conduct.”

Mets ownership and brass acted swiftly, demonstrating that the personal conduct of Porter is unacceptable. The team responded in the best way possible and terminated Porter. Porter had no business remaining in the organization following the shocking and disturbing news. The behavior revealed last night is absolutely appalling and the Mets did the right thing by terminating him immediately to prevent any further distractions.

The Mets will now have a decision to make. Who will serve as Porter’s replacement? The Mets hired runner-up GM candidate Zack Scott to be Porter’s Assistant GM, so that is a possibility. John Ricco is also a possibility as well. Regardless, this is not the type of news you’d want to hear from the Mets’ perspective in an offseason that has otherwise been extremely positive and optimistic.


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