Should The Knicks Trade For Zach LaVine?

The Knicks have recently rejuvenated the fan base with two huge wins over the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic. The two-game win streak has propelled the Knicks into the sixth seed.  The fan base and the media have once again brought up the dreaded P-word, playoffs. The Knicks defense which, is number one in the NBA has been a major factor in the Knicks resurgence. The offense is an entirely different story. So, let us look at one trade option that could fix the Knicks offensive woes.

Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine is currently fifth in the NBA in scoring at 27.4 points per game. The former dunk champion gives the Knicks everything they do not have on offense. Someone who can break down the defense and score a bucket. LaVine is currently shooting 39 percent from three this season. He has no offense holes in his game and has averaged over 23 points per game for three straight seasons. The Knicks have not had anyone average those types of numbers since Carmelo Anthony. Trading for the Bulls star shooting guard would surely ignite an anemic Knicks offense.

The major question behind such a massive trade would be who would the Knicks offer? The Knicks could offer Julius Randle in a straight swap for Zach LaVine. Randle is averaging a career-high in points, rebounds, and assists. Randle’s defense is also much improved under Tom Thibodeau’s system. Randle would bring a different dynamic to the Bulls offense. Offering more of a paint presence as opposed to the perimeter game Zach LaVine offers. The Bulls could get greedy and look at a package of RJ Barrett and picks. Either way, the Knicks have plenty to offer for the fifth leading scorer in the NBA. But would it be worth it for the Knicks?

While Zach LaVine’s offensive impact on the Knicks would be amazing, I do not think the Knicks should pursue such a trade. The Knicks are heading in the right direction with players who want to be here. Randle chose the Knicks in free agency and he has rewarded the Knicks with All-Star type numbers. His impact is felt all over the court not just on the offensive side. RJ Barrett is another player who bleeds blue and orange. He was built to play in the city that never sleeps. The Knicks should stand pat and continue to develop the talent they have on their roster.

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