Why The Jets Should Select Zach Wilson Over Justin Fields

The biggest question of the New York Jets offseason is the quarterback situation. I believe Zach Wilson is the answer to the team’s quarterback woes.

This offseason, a joint effort between the front office and coaching staff will decide Sam Darnold‘s fate. To me, Darnold’s time in New York is finished.

The Jets have options to replace Darnold. In the light of rumors about a disgruntled Deshaun Watson, Gang Green has the ammunition to make a trade. The Jets can take a quarterback at second overall or trade back.

Ideally, the best fit for the Jets is BYU standout, Zach Wilson. Justin Fields is the more hyped prospect. But, I am going to go over why Zach Wilson is the ideal pick at second overall for the Jets.

Wilson Is A Scheme Fit

Some people might complain that Zach Wilson would be a reach at two. Although you might possibly be able to trade back for him, Wilson fits the Jets’ new offensive scheme to a tee.

Under offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, the Jets will now be running the west coast offense. Wilson played in a “fly offense” scheme at BYU.  But there are some similarities between the two schemes.

The fly offense emphasizes pre-snap motion with a speedy receiver doing the motion. LaFleur will likely take some principles from Kyle Shanahan‘s west coast offense that he has run with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers were a team that used pre-snap motion a lot in 2020 and were top of the NFL in the usage of the motion.

Also, the west coast offense that Shanahan runs in San Francisco is built for pocket quarterbacks. Wilson does have some mobility in his skillset but isn’t mobile like someone say Justin Fields, Deshaun Watson, or Lamar Jackson. Wilson’s pocket presence is very similar to Jimmy Garoppolo‘s.

Plus, Wilson’s arm strength and accuracy are phenomenal. Especially when he is on the run.

The fly offense is also one that uses a decent amount of play-action, very similar to the 49ers’ West Coast offense.

More Consistency Against Toughest Of Opponents In Conference

One of the more odd things about college football is the level of competition. Obviously, there are different conferences across the NCAA. But, the range of competition sometimes makes it difficult for analysts to evaluate popular draft prospects.

BYU is based in the FBS Independent Division. They do not face the best competition in all of college football. The best team BYU faced all season was an 11-1 Coastal Carolina team.

In that game, Wilson was 19 of 30, throwing for 240 passing yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Very solid game all-around.

The second-best team they faced was UTSA. BYU won 27-20 thanks to a phenomenal game by Zach Wilson. He led the way going 22 of 30, throwing for 292 yards and two touchdowns.

As opposed to Zach Wilson, there were times Justin Fields struggled against middle-of-the-pack teams and the National Champions in Alabama.

Fields did face weak opponents and had success. But one game that turned off fans was his performance against a 6-2 Northwestern squad. The defense slowed down Fields and held him to just 114 passing yards. In addition, Fields threw two interceptions in a 22-10 victory. Not the most convincing game.

Then, Fields gave Jets fans a glimmer of hope with a stellar game versus Clemson, throwing for 385 yards and six touchdowns.

However, the CFP National Championship versus Alabama didn’t live up to the hype of his last game. The Ohio State defense was shredded by DeVonta Smith. The receivers dropped numerous passes. But, Justin Fields didn’t help himself either. The Alabama defense limited Fields to 194 yards passing.

Zach Wilson did better against BYU’s competition than Justin Fields against Ohio State’s toughest opponents. That’s for sure.

Wilson Is Used To The Criticism And Media Attention

Although not being on a highly successful college team, the media couldn’t stop giving attention to Zach Wilson. He is also used to infinite amounts of fan scrutiny. This will build up Wilson’s character if he is indeed drafted by the Jets. He should be fine under the bright lights.

Justin Fields is used to receiving lots of praise. He played at a bigger school in Ohio State. The team around Fields was excellent. Not saying Fields is perfect but Wilson is a better fit for the bright lights.

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