Dustin Poirier Knocks Out Conor McGregor In Round Two

After six years, Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier fought again in a UFC octagon. Under the bright lights of Abu Dhabi, the UFC 257 main event was underway, and here’s how it went down.

Round 1

Both fighters started Round One looking to see who would make the first move. Poirer ultimately made the first move, and it was an early takedown. Poirier kept McGregor on the ground for a little over a minute. Then, once both men were on their feet, McGregor brought the boxing to Poirier. Following the punches, Poirer looked for another takedown but was unsuccessful. McGregor connected with three or four real headshots, Poirier dusted the shots off though.

Round 2

Round two started similarly, but McGregor was the more aggressive. At one point, McGregor had Poirier on one leg, back against the cage looking for the kill. Poirier wouldn’t give in though. Following a short back and forth between the two, Poirier connected and you could tell McGregor felt it. McGregor showed how he went twelve rounds with Floyd Mayweather, for a moment. Poirier continued the onslaught, then he backed McGregor onto the cage. Poirer connected lefts and rights, ultimately leaving the Irishmen unable to continue.

At first glance, you could make a case it was a quick stoppage by Herb Dean. When you watch back the last shot McGregor takes before hitting the mat, you could tell he was done. Once on the mat, McGregor obviously couldn’t continue. After the fight, it appeared McGregor had some difficulty keeping himself upright.


This fight went almost went three times as long as the last one, and it’s a huge victory for Dustin Poirier. I expect Poirier to fight for the Lightweight Championship very soon. As for Connor McGregor, I do believe he will be back in the Octagon. McGregor will not go out like this and will fight again in the UFC. Whether that’s in 2021, or further down the road, only time will tell.

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