Quickley Shines As New York Knicks Fall To The Trail Blazers

The New York Knicks lose to the Portland Trail Blazers by a score of 116-113. The Knicks got off to a really slow start on offense which lead to the carelessness on defense as the Trail Blazers outscored the Knicks with a score of 37-24 in the first quarter. This led into the second quarter as the Knicks found themselves being down by 25 as the Trailblazers outscored the Knicks of a score of 33-26 in the second quarter.

However, the Trail Blazers went cold and the Knicks had a little spark and went on a run in the third quarter as the Knicks outscored the Trail Blazers with a score of 27 in 19 in the third quarter. Additionally, the Knicks continued their surge into the fourth quarter even cutting the lead to a possession game of three points. Although, the Trail Blazers picked it up in the last minutes and the Knicks fell just short of a comeback win where the Knicks were trailing by 25.

Overall, this is a game the New York Knicks can learn from as they set to improve and verse the Utah Jazz in their next game.

The New York Knicks Continue To Struggle Against The Zone

Right as the game started the Trail Blazers were playing zone defense against the Knicks. Just as the Knicks struggled against the zone all year the struggles continue. Most of the game instead of attacking against the zone like you are supposed to the Knicks passed out. This resulted in no one being able to get open causing turnovers to happen. This took a massive toll on RJ Barrett as he wasn’t getting the ball at all. Barrett barely put up shots before entering the half and as Barrett only played 22 minutes he was a non-factor in this game.

Blazers’ Shooting Nearly Impossible To Stop

The New York Knicks could not and were not able to contain Damian Lillard and a hot streaking Portland Trail Blazer team. The Trail Blazers made 17 out of their 46 three-pointers. Most of this was the result of hot streaking Damian Lillard as he put up 39 points on 65 percent shooting and 60 percent shooting beyond the arc. Also, the New York Knicks were all over the place on defense leaving shooters like Anfernee Simons and Carmelo Anthony wide open. If Carmelo Anthony would’ve been able to knock more threes down it would’ve caused a blowout. Additionally, the Knicks had zero blocks the entire game as on the other hand, the Trail Blazers had eight which ensued that the Knicks did not play well on the glass today in general.

Quickley and Others Play Well Despite Loss

Immanuel Quickley is looking like a steal of a pick for the Knicks as the rookie dropped a career-high 31 points on 50 percent shooting and 63 percent from beyond the arc off the bench. Quickley was the main factor in propelling the Knicks into the surge that brought it to a three-point game. If Quickley continues to shine is could end up getting him the starting role on the New York Knicks roster.

Alec Burks was looking to bounce back after a horrible outing two nights ago where he shot an abysmal three for fourteen. Alec Burks did indeed bounce back and played some very sold minutes starting as he put up 18 points on efficient shooting such as 66 percent from the field and 63 percent from beyond the arc. Five of Burks’ shots were three-pointers which were something the Knicks were going to need in order to pull off the comeback.

It might’ve seemed like an ordinary game for Julius Randle but Randle complimented the Knicks very well in their almost fulfilled comeback. Randle was very active in the passing game causing two late turnovers that lead to points. Randle, also went to the free-throw line a whole bunch as he was very efficient shooting 91 percent from the line. Julius Randle had a stat sheet of 25 points with seven rebounds and five assists. Randle looks to continue his streak versus Utah as he is making a true All-Star season happen.


Overall, the New York Knicks lose to the Portland Trail Blazers by a score of 116-113 in a surprising turn of events. The Knicks will need to work on their perimeter defense and beating the zone if they want to get their second win against the Jazz this season.


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Garett Gunin

Knicks will bounce back! #TrustTheProcess

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