Jets: Top Receiving Options For The Team This Offseason

It is to no surprise that the Jets’ offense has been atrocious for the last decade. Whether the team drafted a future bust at the quarterback position or reached for a receiver, the New York Jets have been terrible at drafting recently, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Under general managers Mike Maccagnan and John Idzik, the front office has been unable to get the team a true number one receiver.

While pass-catchers such as Jamison Crowder and Robby Anderson have provided a spark in recent years, they both fit the role of a high-end wide receiver two better. Throughout their career, they have had better production as a second or third option. That is one of the reasons the team needs an always reliable pass-catcher.

However, now under the reign of Joe Douglas, free-agent players will have much more desire to come to the team. In years past, the team’s front office was possibly the worst in the entire NFL.

With everything being said, the Jets need to look at options in Free Agency and the NFL Draft to get a number one receiver. The 2021 free agent class for receivers is the best it has been in years. Additionally, this year’s draft options are extremely deep.  In the next few paragraphs, I will discuss realistic options as well as dream options for the team.


          Jets Option #1: FA- Chris Godwin

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing in Super Bowl 55. Their opponent is the Kansas City ChiefsChris Godwin should be near or at the top of the Jet’s potential options this offseason for many reasons. For example, though he has been in a crowded offense the past two seasons, he has put up great numbers.

Godwin’s 2019 Stats as WR2:

86 REC

1,333 Yards

9 TD’s


65 REC

840 Yards

7 TD’S


Another reason the Jets should look into him is due to age. At the age of just 24, he is one of the youngest receivers on the market. When drafted in 2017, he was only 21 years old. Even if the team signs him for two or three years, they can resign him after while still under 30.

However, this may not be very realistic, as Godwin will most likely resign with the Buccaneers.


              Jets Option #2: FA- Allen Robinson

Opposed to Godwin, Allen Robinson will most likely not be returning to the Chicago Bears in 2021. Robinson has made it clear that he is frustrated with the team. From liking tweets suggesting he should leave to venting frustrations on Twitter, he has likely played his final game in a Bears uniform.

Despite having terrible quarterback play for the majority of his career, Robinson has put up impressive stats. He has played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears since being drafted in 2014. His career stats are below:


457 REC

5,999 Yards

39 TD’S

88 Games Played


In New York, those stats would be taken to the next level with a better quarterback such as Deshaun Watson or a talented rookie.


              Jets Option #3: FA- Kenny Golladay

While Kenny Golladay has all the elite traits in a receiver you want, he wouldn’t be a great fit for the team. This is mainly due to his playstyle. In the 2020 Draft, the Jets selected Denzel Mims in the second round. The reason I am bringing his name up is that his style of play is very similar to Golladay’s. They are both jump-ball receivers, and I don’t believe the Jets need two receivers of the same playstyle.

However, there is still much upside to signing Golladay. For example, Golladay has much more experience than Mims as he is headed into his fifth season. He can also make huge plays when needed to step up. In 2019, in Week 2 vs the Chargers, he led the Detroit Lions to a 13-10 victory after a game-winning catch in the 4th quarter.

Despite awful coaching in 2019, he put up big numbers. Here are his 2019 stats as he was hurt in 2020 and only played in five games.

65 REC

1,190 Yards

11 TD’s


Golladay would be a huge upgrade to a below-average Jets receiving core.


           Option #4: Draft- Rashod Bateman

While signing a veteran receiver is an option, if all of the top ones are signed then the Jets could look towards the draft. Though Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman isn’t a consensus top 3 receivers in the class, if he is on the board when the Jets pick at 23, he should be worth a look.

There are many reasons to take Bateman if on the board. One of the most important traits he displays is leadership. That is a much-needed quality in a talented player coming to a team, especially with a first-year coach. On and off the field, the Minnesota star acts as a role model and leader.

Obviously, the main reason he would be selected is due to his incredible skill set. He is known to have great route running as well as while as contested coachability.

Here are Bateman’s stats in three years at Minnesota

147 REC

2,395 Yards

19 TD’S


Bateman would be an immediate upgrade to the Jets receiving room.


                Final Thoughts

From Free Agency to the NFL Draft, there are more than enough ways the Jets can grab a true number one receiver. This is something they haven’t had in a very long time. If they find a gem in the later rounds of the draft, that can be even better as they can spend other picks on other needs.











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