Should The Knicks Pursue A Trade For Lonzo Ball?

The New York Knicks have reportedly looking to upgrade their point guard play. According to The Athletic, the Knicks are interested in acquiring Derrick Rose. Rose had a previous stint with the Blue and Orange in 2016, In which he averaged 18 points per game and 4 assists per game. Rose is currently in Detroit playing for the Pistons. While Rose may be the household name, the Knicks would be wise to look the New Orleans Pelicans way. Lonzo Ball is also reportedly on the trade market. Let’s take a look at Lonzo Ball and see how he would fit in with the Knicks.

What Could Lonzo Ball Bring To The Knicks?

The former UCLA star has already been traded once before from the Lakers to the Pelicans in 2019. While Ball has failed to live up to his draft status he has had a decent start to his career. This season Ball is averaging 10 points per game and 6 assists per game while also adding some stellar defense. The shooting percentages for Ball are a bit misleading. Lonzo shot 37% from three last season but this season he is shooting 29%. If you take a deeper dive into his numbers last year, he attempted 6.3 threes per game while hitting 2.3 of those attempts. This year he is attempting 7.2 three’s per game while hitting 2.1 of those attempts. If Ball were to take fewer threes per game his percentages would look a lot like his 2020 season.

Although some would say Lonzo is having a down year, a change of scenery should get his game back on track. The biggest weakness the Knicks have is at the Point Guard spot. While Immanuel Quickley has shown a ton of promise, it appears that he is best suited to run the second unit for now. Ball’s game is eerily similar to the game of Elfrid Payton. They both add defense and playmaking to the point guard position. The biggest difference between the two players is Ball’s ability to hit the three-ball. Adding a quality guard who can defend and hit the three-ball would bring balance to the Knicks starting lineup. Ball also fits the timeline for the Knicks as he is only 23 years old.

Concluding Thoughts

My final verdict on this trade rumor is the Knicks should explore the options of trading for Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball is still young enough to maximize his potential. If he can reach the level of play he exuded at UCLA this move would be a steal for New York. If he doesn’t, the Knicks just landed a younger version of Payton that can hit the three-ball from time to time. Ultimately it seems like a win-win move for the Knicks.

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