Anthony DeAngelo Placed on Waivers Shortly After OT Loss

New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo has been placed on waivers as of this morning. This follows the Rangers’ crushing loss to the Penguins in overtime for their 5th loss in 6 games. 

The news of DeAngelo’s placement on waivers comes as a shock, considering his numbers in the last season. DeAngelo was an offensive threat, putting up 53 points in 68 games played, 15 of those being goals. DeAngelo had some questions as to his defensive play, but he made up for that with stellar offensive production. 

However this year has been a different story. Although he played just six games, he only recorded one assist, with much less general offensive production than last year. He also has been even more troubling defensively, with a very famous clip of him being dismantled by Mathew Barzal. He has been moved around a lot, and has even been put on the taxi squad for his discipline in the Rangers’ first game. It has been safe to say that DeAngelo hasn’t been what he was expected to be so far. 

Off-Ice Controversy

The main problem with Tony, however, seems to be his off-ice concerns. DeAngelo has made quite a scene on Twitter and Instagram before subsequently deleting both apps. Regardless of political opinion, DeAngelo’s social media presence brought a lot of negative press to the Blueshirts. The final straw with DeAngelo seems to be after last night’s game vs the Penguins. There are reports that Tony DeAngelo got into an altercation with another Rangers player after the game. There are rumors as to who, but there are some who say it may have been Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev, but it is unofficial what actually happened. 

During today’s interview, head coach David Quinn called the move to put DeAngelo on waivers “a business decision”. Quinn also added in the interview, “I’m not going to address rumors. It’s not about one incident. It’s not about one thing. This is a situation of the org (doing) what felt was best at this time”. 

DeAngelo did not skate in practice today, and it seems that last night may have been his last game as a New York Ranger.

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Garett Gunin

After this, I truly hope he either picks himself up and apologizes to Georgiev as well as the whole team and starts to play better! Or else…. I’d rather see him in the a different hockey sweater

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