The Knicks fall to the Clippers in Impressive Fashion

Knicks vs Clippers Recap

The New York Knicks lose the Los Angles Clippers of a total score of 129 to 115. This game was not a defensive for both teams. This game was a very entertaining offensive game as both teams flourished on the offensive side of the ball. Firstly, the first half the game was fairly tied. In the first quarter the Knicks edged the Clippers of a score of 31 to 29. The second quarter the Clippers slightly outscored the Knicks of a score of 37 to 34 to finish the first half. Although, the second half started off completely different as the Clippers sparked. The Clippers sparked in the third quarter as they outscored the Knicks of a score of 35 to 26. Additionally, the Clippers continued their strong second half as they finished the Knicks off of a score of 28 to 24 in the fourth quarter.

Overall, the Knicks played a very well and efficient offensive game. However, this was not enough as it seemed like the Clippers were making everything especially their shots beyond the arc. The Knicks look to quickly travel to out of New York and to Chicago as they set to play the Chicago Bulls two games in a row.

Matchup to Watch

Knicks second year player RJ Barrett was set to face Kawhi Leonard in todays matchup against the Clippers. This would be a challenge and a learning game for RJ Barrett. However, RJ Barrett held his own this game. Barrett played very impressive defense on Leonard for most of the game. Sometimes Barrett even caused turnovers which led to transitional points. Nevertheless, Kawhi still was able to play his own game as he made eight of his fifteen shots shooting 53 percent from the field for 28 points. Kawhi was able to draw the foul which created offense for the Clippers. As Kawhi had 11 free throws and made all of them. Overall, this was an exciting matchup to watch as Barrett continues to impress with his very good shooting stretch as he look to be an upcoming Knicks star.

Knicks vs Clippers Takeaways

The Knicks were not able to stop the Clippers on defense. As a collective team the Clippers shot 54 percent from the field and an amazing 45 percent from three. It felt like every single opportunity the Clippers got from three they made. From players ranging like Serge Ibaka to Patrick Patterson the Clippers were firing threes with any player from any spot. As the Knicks travel to Chicago they have to improve their defense as allowing 129 points is unacceptable.

Although the Knicks lost to the Clippers today many players still showed up. Players such as Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and Immanuel Quickley continue to propel the Knicks. 

Julius Randle continues to show great leadership and improvement is his game as he boosts his all star chances even higher. Randle finished with 27 points adding 12 rebounds and 5 assists. Randle shot 50 percent from the field and an impressive 80 percent from three. Julius Randle was a big driving force in the offensive game today continuing his strong iso game. Overall, Randle continues to play well as he makes a strong case for his first all star appearance this year.

RJ Barrett as mentioned earlier showed he can compete with the one of the bests in todays NBA. Barrett finished with 23 points adding 2 rebound and 2 assists. Barrett shot 64 percent from the field. RJ Barrett looks much more confident in his game comparing to the beginning of the season. Altogether, Barrett looks to be in prestige form as he looks to continue his much improved second season comparing to his first.

Immanuel Quickley has been such a good piece off the bench for the Knicks. Quickley always brings a spark off the bench which leads to most of his success on the floor. Quickley finished with another 25 points adding 3 rebound and 3 assists. Also, Quickley shot 56 percent from the field and 25 percent from three. If Quickley continues to dominate and play at a high level he makes a real case for rookie of the year.


All in all, the New York Knicks lose to the Clippers in a very impressive and entertaining game. The Knicks have to continue this strong offensive effort and improve on the defensive side of the ball. The Knicks look to bounce back against Chicago as they set to play the Bulls two games in a row. 

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Very good written article


Professionally, with a good sense of belonging, considerate attitude towards the players and their last game.
Since I am old enough and I like to give advice, even if I am not asked, in such reviews I would love to see the table of results of the top four to five players in the last five games with such indicators as time spent on the court, number of goals scored , the number of successful serves (assistance) and, here I give myself the right, perhaps, to recommend the non-recommended, puts a personal assessment of the author of the article (in a 10-point system) about the game of each of the leading players in the described match.
Errors are possible in my review, as the review is written in Russian and translated by Google translater.

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