Knicks Split One Of Two Games With Win Against the Bulls

The New York Knicks held off the Chicago Bulls late surge as the Knicks beat the Bulls with a total score of 107-103. The Knicks started off the game very strong on both sides of the ball. In the first quarter, the Knicks outscored the Bulls by a score of 34-17.

However, in the second quarter, the Bulls slightly edged the Knicks outscoring the Knicks by a score of 35- 29. The Knicks held onto their big lead in the third quarter as the Knicks outscored the Bulls with a score of 28-24.

Nevertheless, the Bulls led a surge in the fourth quarter cutting the Knick lead to three. Although, the Knicks were able to finish out the game as the Bulls outscored the Knicks with a score of 27-16 in the fourth quarter.

The New York Knicks defense was very dominant throughout the game, especially on the Bulls’ three-point shooting. The Bulls shot a dreadful 17 percent from three as a whole. Also, the main reason the Knicks started off the game very strong was because of the defense as they held a very good bulls offense to just 17 points in the first quarter. Overall, the Knicks look to replicate their great defensive showing as they continue to show a top-three defense in the league.


The New York Knicks Used the Paint to their Advantage

The Knicks penetrated and finished very efficiently and effectively against the Bulls. The Knicks as a team shot 48 percent from the field. Also, they shot a very efficient 50 percent from three. They didn’t take too many threes only shooting 22 but they made 11 of them. A major contributor to this success was Julius Randle as he made five of seven from beyond the arch. Since the Knicks were able to penetrate they were able to draw fouls and open people up for easy put in and dunks. Major contributors to this were Elfrid Payton and RJ Barrett as they penetrated the paint and got buckets. Overall, this should be a factor New York can use as they travel back home to MSG to verse the Portland Trail Blazers for the second time this season.

Players that Showed up

There were many players that lead the Knicks to beat the Bulls. These players consisting of Elfrid Payton, Julius Randle, and RJ Barrett. Elfrid Payton had his revenge game against the Bulls today.

Payton scored 20 points and 10 points which were in the first quarter. Payton shot nine for 19 from the field (47.4 percent) adding 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Elfrid Payton was able to spark the Knicks early and give them an early 10 point lead. As mentioned earlier Payton scored 10 points in the first quarter which propelled the Knicks to 34 points in the first quarter. Payton looks to silence the haters online as he tries to continue his good shooting.

Julius Randle scored 27 points. Randle shot 11 for 20 from the field; 55 percent. Randle also shot an impressive 71 percent from beyond the arc knocking down five of his seven threes. Additionally, Julius Randle added six rebounds and six assists. Randle accounted for the team when he needed them the most. Either knocking down iso shots or passing the ball to a wide-open Reggie Bullock which sealed the game. All in all, Knicks star Julius Randle continues to strengthen his All-Star year as he is set to play the Portland Trail Blazers next.

RJ Barrett scored 17 points. Barrett shot eight for 16 from the field or 50 percent. Barrett added seven rebounds with two assists. RJ Barrett mostly scored all his points in the first half as he scored 14 of his 17. Barrett barely got the ball in his hands in the second half but still played great off the ball. Once Barrett can get used to playing both halves with the same effectiveness he can shoot to be an All-Star which looks like he has a good chance next year.


In conclusion, the New York Knicks won against the Chicago Bulls by a score of 107-103. If New York can continue their strong defense they have a good chance at shutting down Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers.


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