Is It Time For The Giants To Move On From Daniel Jones?

Everyone knows that 2019 was not a good quarterback draft class. Gettleman and the New York Giants knew that they were taking a chance by drafting Daniel Jones. This was the best possible pick for the Giants at the time.

The Giants went on to start Eli Manning for the first two games of the season. They lost both of those games and went on to face the Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Daniel Jones got the first start of his young career and won the Giants’ next two games to get them back to a .500 start.

From that day on he never looked back, he won the Giants only three more games that year. He didn’t have the worst season. He threw for over 3,000 yards and passed for 24 touchdowns.

Daniel Jones went on the next season to only end up throwing 11 touchdowns and about 2,900 passing yards. Jones also suffered a hamstring injury in week 12 versus the Bengals. This affected his season. The Giants went on to have another losing season, but I don’t blame this on Jones.

The receivers need to catch the ball, hands down. Too many times guys like Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard are dropping perfect passes which is not acceptable. Jones was a very valuable offensive player for the first half of the season after Week 12 things went downhill. Jones turned into an interception machine which was one of the reasons the Giants couldn’t make the playoffs. So… Should the Giants keep Jones long term, or get rid of him ASAP?


Daniel Jones doesn’t cost a ton of money, and even after his rookie contract is up, he still won’t be worth a ton of money. The most reasonable scenario for the NY Giants is to keep Jones until his contract is up. If Jones played as he did at the beginning of the season, I do not have a problem with him.

He is still young and developing into a better player each year. He will only get better from here on out. Dave Gettleman already announced that Jones will be returning next year. I am open to see what Jones can do. He is freaky athletic and has the potential to be a franchise quarterback.

Cons Of Having Jones Back On The Giants

It cannot be denied the fact that Jones has not played well over the past two years. Having Jones round for another couple of seasons could either hurt the team or make the team better. I don’t think it is time to take any more chances or risks when it comes to this team. If you are a Giants fan we all know that some things have to come to an end, and I am open to giving Jones another season to prove himself, but this could very much be the end of Daniel Jones


Do the Giants walk from Jones? The answer to that is not yet. The Giants should definitely show interest in a fringe starter this offseason just in case Jones does not play out well. McCoy was great don’t get me wrong, but if anything happens with Jones, we need someone to back him up. I feel as if Jones has not had a very fair chance to prove himself yet. This upcoming year will be a big year for Jones and the whole  Giants organization.

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