Jets Free Agent Profile: Allen Robinson

This has the potential to be a huge offseason for the Jets. After a 2-14 season, and missing out on the #1 pick, the Jets are in for a busy offseason. First on the docket may be a trade for a quarterback. The #1 option for the Jets is obviously Deshaun Watson, but it is unclear whether the Jets will be able to pull the trigger.

The Jets likely have the best potential offer on the table, but the team who holds the #3 pick is a threat. That team is the Jets’ rival, Miami Dolphins, who have more talent to surround Watson and are more attractive. Even if the Jets are unable to secure Deshaun Watson via trade, they still have a very bright future ahead of them. On the other hand, a trade for Deshaun Watson could be the first move of a busy offseason and would make the Jets an attractive landing spot for some big free agents.

Allen Robinson Would Be Huge Addition To Jets’ Offense

One of those free agents would be Allen Robinson. Allen Robinson would be a huge get and add to a Jets offense that was terrible last season. However, a move of this caliber depends on whether the Jets can acquire Watson from the Texans. It’s likely that Robinson would be interested in the Jets, if, and only if, Watson joins the club. Either way, Robinson would be a really great addition to an atrocious offense led by Adam Gase. He would be an instant upgrade to the Jets receiving core that includes Jamison Crowder, Denzel Mims, and Braxton Berrios.

In 2020, Robinson played in sixteen games for the second straight season and put up great numbers once again. And that was with a subpar quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky throwing to him. He had 151 targets (vs 154 in 2019), 102 receptions (vs 98 in 2019), and had 1250 yards (vs 1147 yards in 2019). In addition, he caught six touchdowns, which is one less than he had in 2019, and had a catch percentage of 67.5% (up from 63.6% in 2019). As stated, Robinson succeeded with a quarterback who could only muster a QB rating of 61.3 and also caught 6 of his 16 touchdown passes, a percentage of 38%.

Robinson To Jets May Be Difficult

Thus, the Jets would be very wise to check-in on Robinson and try to lure him to NY. However, there are a couple of things that could make this difficult. One, Robinson is likely going to want to match or exceed DeAndre Hopkins’s AAV of $27 million for around five years. The good thing for the Jets is he is only 27 years old, worth it, and can afford him. The Jets have around $62 million available right now but will grow once trades and cuts are made.

Therefore, the Jets can afford to sign Robinson to a rich contract such as 5 years/$110 million. However, it’s unclear whether Robinson would be interested in the Jets unless they acquire Deshaun Watson. Joe Douglas’s Jets may also be more interested in not spending a high AAV like that for a receiver. They may instead spread out the money available to fill myriad needs that they have. If they indeed go that route, there are numerous other options at the wide receiver position including Chris Godwin and Curtis Samuel.

Jets Offseason Plan To Be Revealed In Coming Weeks

As a result, Allen Robinson would be a huge get for a league-worst offense this past season. Whether the Jets and Robinson actually come up for a deal depends on a couple of factors that haven’t transpired. The Jets’ offseason plans have not yet been revealed as they’re seemingly going through a variety of scenarios. Once we get some clearer answers on what the Jets’ offseason plans are to look like, we will see how serious players the Jets are for Robinson.

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