Nico Hischier Named Captain Of The Devils

A kid from Bern, Switzerland who turned into the first-ever Swiss player to be drafted 1st overall in the NHL and now the captain of the New Jersey Devils. Nico Hischier has already made history for the New Jersey Devils by being their first #1 overall draft pick ever and will now go down as a captain for the team. Hischier has shown his amazing play and great character over the 3 seasons that he has been a Devil and will continue to do so for a long time…

Locked In

On October 18th, 2019, the Devils signed Hischier to a 7-year extension worth $50.75 million. The deal was made in the second year of his entry-level contract. The quickness of the deal showed how Nico wanted to be a part of the Devils for a long time. The contract will be a great contract for the Devils as Hischier is already averaging 50 points a season.

The Devils have shown a massive amount of trust to give him the “C” at 22 years old. With veteran leaders such as Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac on the team, Hischier becoming the captain shows the role that he will have in Jersey. The ultimate goal will always be raising the cup and Nico will be a tremendous leader to the young group to help the Devils get there. New Jersey has definitely found a gem in Nico Hischier.

Nico’s Style

Nico Hischier’s style of play is experienced and smart. When the puck is on Nico’s stick he will always make the right play. Also, he adds skill and great hands to excel in his game. Another tremendous attribute is his defensive abilities. Hischier is able to play against the top lines in the league and shut them down. At 22 years old, that is an extraordinary asset for the Devils.

Hischier’s play in the NHL so far has awarded him with 135 points in 209 games. He has scored 51 times and assisted 84 times. Hischier has also played in 5 playoff games and scored one goal. Along with his production, Nico is extremely versatile. He has logged sizeable minutes on the powerplay, penalty kill, 5 on 3 situations, and every situation imaginable for the Devils. In every situation, you can always count on Nico.

Working Towards A Devils Legacy

Nico will be the 12th captain in the team’s history. He joined the team at 18 years old, signed a long-term extension at 20, and will now be captain at 22 years old. His first years with the Devils have been outstanding and he continues to get rewarded.

Hischier is working towards a legacy with the Devils and has been on the right track. One thing that we know for sure, Nico loves hockey. He will be doing that in his #13 New Jersey Devils jersey.


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