Warriors leave it late in exciting win over Knicks

In the first game in which New York Knicks fans were welcomed back to Madison Square Garden, not all went to plan. Despite playing the Warriors who were on a losing streak, the Knick could not come back from up to a 13 point deficit they suffered in the second half. Stephen Curry and Kelly Oubre were too much for New York tonight as they combined for 56 points. A fun game for both teams was competitive for the majority of the game. However, Golden State came out on top, winning 114-106. Here are the highlights and takeaways from the electric game at the Mecca.

Julius Randle proves why he was named an all-star

Despite losing, Julius Randle played a great game. After being named a 2021 all-star just hours ago, the power forward came out with energy from the start. The 26-year-old went 3/6 from three and finished with 25 points. It seems as though Randle needs someone to support him consistently because he isn’t receiving the help he needs. RJ Barrett continues to be far too inconsistent, getting 21 points one day, then just four the next. Until he gets this help, the Knicks will only go so far.

Knicks can’t keep up with Warriors’ three-point shooting

There’s only so much Thibodeau’s men can do without three-point shooting. The Knicks looked much better for nearly the whole game however Golden State could still take the age due to their long-range shooting. Immanuel Quickley has struggled recently and cannot be depended on to hit from deep every night. New York must find someone to step up because as it stands, they simply cannot keep up. In games where New York outplays their opponents completely and still manages to lose, their weaknesses seem more than evident.

Derrick Rose and Elfrid Payton impress

After these two guards struggled in recent games, they came in and significantly impacted the game. Payton added 20 points and four assists and Rose put up 16 points and eight assists. Rose has proved he can still make an impact on games for New York and tonight against the Warriors he did just that.

Payton played an aggressive game as well. He helped to overwhelm the Dubs in the paint and Steve Kerr‘s team had no answers for him. If he continues at this rate, he’ll make Immanuel Quickley‘s case for being a starter much more difficult. Obi Toppin also played an impressive game. He’s slowly gaining more confidence and playing aggressively. Thibodeau will need to capitalize on his good form and start giving him enough minutes to play long enough to get into a rhythm.

The Knicks continue their home stretch in a game against the Kings. They’ll be looking to bounce back against a Sacramento side that came away with the win in their previous encounter in January.

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