Are The Knicks Legitimate Playoff Contenders

The New York Knicks have completed 32 out of 72 games this season. Compiling a 15-17 record good enough for the seventh seed in the eastern conference. At the beginning of the season, it was widely believed that the Knicks would be a lottery-bound team. However, Coach Tom Thibodeau has the New York Knicks playing with grit and confidence. Let us look at the New York Knicks’ playoffs chances as the season winds down.

This season the NBA will be introducing a play-in tournament. Allowing teams with the seventh thru tenth best records to compete for a playoff spot. The introduction of this brand-new tournament comes with plenty of excitement. For instance, more NBA teams will have an opportunity to make the playoffs including the New York Knicks. Coach Tom Thibodeau has his club competing and it would be hard-pressed to see his team miss the playoffs. In other words, the Knicks would have to implode to miss the playoffs.

However, the Knicks are not necessarily a lock for the postseason either. Teams like the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards are starting to come along. For example, the Miami Heat will undoubtedly make a run for higher seeding. The Heat are currently sitting at 14-16 which leaves them with the tenth seed. Defense intensity is the main reason both teams are in playoff contention. Equally important as the Knicks resurgence in defense has been the play of Julius Randle. If Randle can continue to play at a high level the Knicks should be fine.

The last time the Knicks made the playoffs Carmelo Anthony was suiting up for the garden faithful. The Knicks have a new All-Star this year in Julius Randle. If Randle can lead the Knicks to the promised land it would mark a drastic change in direction for the club. The Knicks would go from the laughing stock of the league to shocking the world in the next 40 games. All they need to do is continue to trust the system Coach Thibodeau has implemented. If they do so, their odds are securing a ticket to the play-games or even the playoffs will be likely. 

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