Knicks Comeback Against the Pacers and get back to .500

Knicks vs Pacers Recap

The New York Knicks beat the Indiana Pacers in incredible fashion with a total score of 110-107. New York shot 49 percent from the field and a very solid 50 percent from beyond the arc. New York held the Pacers to 45 percent from the field and just 39 percent from three. Additionally, the Knicks had 12 steals which was very key down the stretch to hold the Pacers down. The Knicks were down by 16 in the middle of the second quarter but were able to bring it back and win the game by 3.

The Knicks started the game very slow which was the opposite of the last game. The Pacers outscored the Knicks 32 to 23 in the first quarter. Although the second game was where the game shifted as mentioned earlier the Knicks went down by 16 in the middle of the quarter. The Knicks outscored the Pacers big for the rest of the quarter ending the quarter with a score of 31 to 20. 

The third quarter was mostly even between the two teams. As the Knicks slightly edge the Pacers of a score of 27 to 26. In the fourth quarter, the Knicks were stuck offensively even letting the Pacers go up by 5 with 4 minutes left. However, they put RJ Barrett in. Barrett came up big scoring 5 straight points and helping the Knicks complete the comeback against the Pacers. Overall, the Knicks came out with a big win. This put them 4th in the Eastern Conference tied with the Toronto Raptors. New York seeks their third straight win against the Detroit Pistons. As they could finish above .500 right before the all-star break.


Julius Randle had another great game leading the Knicks to the victory. Randle shot 12 for 22 from the field scoring 28 points on 54.5 percent shooting and 40 percent from beyond the arc. Randle also added 10 rebounds with 6 assists and a very important 4 steals. Julius Randle played amazing defense on Domantas Sabonis. He held Sabonis to only 15 points with only 5 shots made. In addition, Randle played great passing lane defense grabbing an impressive 4 steals. Overall, Randle dominated this matchup against Sabonis and proved to everyone that he truly deserved to make the all-star team before Sabonis.

Knicks star RJ Barrett had another great game against the Indiana Pacers. Barrett filled the stat sheet shooting 8 for 17 from the field scoring 24 points on 47.1 percent shooting and an impressive 66.7 percent from three. When Barrett came in the game late in the fourth quarter he turned the game around. RJ Barrett quickly got in and made a three. The other way down he played amazing defense and pushed the pace to get the bucket and the foul. This put the Knicks up by one with 3 minutes left and all the momentum to win the game. Overall, Barrett looks to continue his stellar performance against the Pistons right before the all-star break.

Knicks’ new acquisition Derrick Rose also had himself a good game starting for the second straight game. Rose shot 6 for 11 from the field scoring 17 points on 54.5 shooting and 33.3 percent from beyond the arc. Additionally, Rose also added a game-high 11 assists and 4 steals. Derrick Rose played great defense causing the Pacers to turn over the ball. Furthermore, Rose played his inside game despite the NBA’s highest blocks per game leader Myles Turner. Overall, a good second straight game for Rose as he looks to continue his hot streak.


In conclusion, the New York Knicks beat the Indiana Pacers with a total score of 110 to 107. This game brought the Knicks back to .500 and they are now tied 4th in the Eastern Conference with the Toronto Raptors. The last game before the all-star break is against the Detroit Pistons which if the Knicks can win they will be looking real good heading into the all-star weekend.

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