Five Options for the New York Giants to Draft

With the super bowl just finished, NFL fans are already looking ahead to the next big event showcasing their team. The NFL draft, which will occur in late April is a perfect opportunity for teams to add young elite players to their roster. Fresh out of college, these players provide certain skills, so naturally, every team is already beginning to assess them. For the Giants, I have come up with five players in particular that I think will be available at the eleventh pick and are worth taking a look at. 

Jaylen Waddle

Position: WR 

School: Alabama 

Height: 5’10 Weight: 183 lb 

NFL Comparison: Tyreek Hill 

A blazing fast receiver, Waddle has a build nearly identical to Hill. His speed agility and natural playmaking ability make him a perfect fit for a strong NFL WR. Suffering an injury on October 24 vs Tennessee, Waddle missed most of the 2020 season, but still made an appearance in the national title game. The Giants, who struggled with their receiving core this past season, could use a fast playmaker who is trustworthy. Daniel Jones needs a guy to fully rely on, and Waddle could bring that presence to the team right away. 

Kyle Pitts 

Position: TE 

School: Florida 

Height: 6’6 Weight: 240 lb 

NFL Comparison: Darren Waller 

Don’t let his size fool you, Pitts is a receiving threat. His size and athleticism combined create a scary sight for defenders. Putting up a productive season at Florida, Pitts had 43 receptions for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns. While the Giants have Evan Engram, they could always either move Engram or run a two TE system. Pitts can play like a receiver, meaning he can also bring help to the troubled receiving core. Pitts is an underrated prospect who can raise the team’s game overall. This would not be a risky pick for New York. 

Kwitty Paye 

Position: EDGE 

Height: 6’4 Weight: 271 lb 

NFL Comparison: Olivier Vernon

It’s no secret the Giants have needed an EDGE rusher for many years. Paye has a large frame but is an athletic freak. His speedy ability to get to the quarterback will be a nightmare for quarterbacks. At Michigan, he was able to elevate the defensive front for many years and will continue to do so in the NFL. Paye would be a good fit for the Giants due to Patrick Graham and Michigan having similar schemes. Paye is a quick learner and will provide defensive help right away. 

Micah Parsons 

Position: Linebacker 

Height: 6’3 Weight: 245 lb 

NFL Comparison: Roquan Smith 

Parsons opted out of the season due to COVID-19, but that will not affect his draft stock whatsoever. Parsons is easily one of the best defensive prospects not just this year, but in a long time. He is a quick hard physical hitter who brings down anyone no matter their size. He brings a character of toughness to his team and is an on field general with his instincts. However, there is a downside. There have been multiple reports, rumors and storylines about Parsons having off field issues with teammates, coaches and other staff. While these issues could be a read flag, most of these have been said to be false by teammates, reporters and other people close to the situation. Do not expect it to be a huge issue 

DeVonta Smith 

Position: Wide Receiver 

Height: 6’1 Weight: 175 lb 

NFL Comparison: Stefon Diggs 

More unlikely than the rest, but arguably the best option available. Smith exploded in 2020, winning the Heisman while putting up record numbers at Alabama. Nicknamed the slim reaper, Smith has a smaller build but makes up for it tremendously with his insane athleticism and intense route running. He always seems open, and that’s for a reason. His quickness and speed make defenders look silly and he is one of the greatest pass-catching prospects ever. He can be the WR1 the Giants are looking for, and desperately need.

Overall, these five prospects provide different help, characters, and strengths in the draft. New York has a solid young team that is just a few pieces away from being a league-wide threat. This upcoming draft class has talent on top of talent available for the Giants to select. Dave Gettleman has not been the greatest early-round drafter in the past, so he must nail this pick with his job on the line this season. There are many good options and the Giants have the chance to draft a generational talent 

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