Rangers defeat Sabres 3-2 Thanks to Quick Scoring Burst

The New York Rangers will face off against the Buffalo Sabrestonight. This will be their first matchup following Alexis Lafreniere‘s first NHL goal in an overtime Rangers win. The Rangers look to take advantage of a struggling Sabres team. Filip Chytil returns to the lineup for the first time since January 24th looking to make a significant impact for the Blueshirts.

Pregame Summary 

The biggest story in this game for the Rangers will be the return of Chytil. He was one of the best players before getting injured against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Chytil brings a lot to the team, and his return is important for the Rangers’ success. Another important story is Jack Eichel and his recent trade rumors. The Rangers are top contenders for Eichel, and their matchup against potentially a future acquisition is huge in this game. Igor Shesterkin will start in net for this game after playing a part of the last game against the Bruins.

First Period 

Scoring opened up instantly in the first. In the first minute, there was a goal from each team. Pavel Buchnevich scored on a breakaway 28 seconds in and Reinhart scores less than 30 seconds later. Lafreniere scores shortly after off of a Buchnevich shot and the Rangers take the lead at 2. The rest of the period is a standstill, both teams settling in and finding their game. There aren’t a lot of complaints to be made for the Rangers in the first. Other than a few defensive mishaps and only one penalty, the Rangers had a good first. Hopefully, they’ll be able to carry this momentum into the second and extend their lead.

Second Period 

The Rangers carry their previous momentum into the second period early. Chris Kreider puts the Rangers up 3-1 on a laser of a shot. The Rangers end up giving up a goal to put the game within 1, however, there isn’t much to complain about on their end. They have played strong all-around so far, they’ve stayed out of the box, and Igor has been solid in net. The Rangers need to just keep playing their game and they’ll come out on top.

Third Period

The third period would see significantly less action than the previous two. Both teams play their heart out, but the scoreboard remains the same as this game comes to a close. The Rangers will end up winning the game 3-2 thanks to a quick scoring burst in the first period.

Postgame Recap 

The Rangers won a close, defensive game. They played well throughout, but there’s still lots for them to fix. The offense was a mess in this game, and without two quick goals to start the game, they lose. They were all over the place and were lucky to get puck bounces their way. The powerplay definitely needs work too, as they are unable to capitalize off of their chances. In general, the offense could be better, however, there isn’t a lot of room to complain because they won. Igor was good, as per usual, and the defense was good barring a few mishaps.

The Rangers are able to escape with two points tonight and will play the New Jersey Devils on Thursday.

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