What New York Giants dream offseason looks like

With free agency kicking off in just a few weeks, fans are excitedly anticipating what moves will be made. The New York Giants are a couple of key pieces away from being a contender for the NFC East, and now is the time to make the moves. So, this article will be going through resigns, free agency, and the NFL Draft in this dream offseason 

*NOTE: Free Agency and Draft were done using an online simulator* 

Notable Cuts 

OT Nate Solder (6,000,000)

OT Kevin Zeitler (12,000,000)

CB Sam Beal (950k) 

Nothing major here, just saving up much-needed cap. Note that Golden Tate has already been cut in real life so he was not added 

Giants’ Resigns

RB Wayne Gallman (2 yr 4 mill) 

DT Leonard Williams (3 yr 49.5 mill) 

DT Dalvin Tomlinson (4 yr 40 mill) 

Wayne had good enough production to earn the role of a cheap RB2. Also, resigning Williams and Tomlinson was a must, as they are the heart and soul of the defensive line 

Cap Space Entering Free Agency: 24,650,628

Free Agency: 

EDGE Romeo Okwara (4 yr 30 mill) 

CB William Jackson III (3 yr 24 mill) 

WR Curtis Samuel (4 yr 28 mill) 

Okwara, a former Giant, had a huge breakout season in 2020. EDGE rusher is the Giants top defensive need, and for the price Romeo is a great signing. William Jackson III from Cincinnati can be the CB2 New York desperately needs. Additionally, Curtis Samuel has connections with GM Dave Gettleman through Carolina and would be a relatively cheap option that can play both WR and RB if needed 

NFL Draft: 

R1P11: WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama 

R2P42: EDGE Jayson Oweh, Penn State 

R3P76: IOL Josh Myers, Ohio State 

R4P116: CB Tre Brown, Oklahoma 

R6P198: S Damar Hamlin, Pittsburgh 

R7P202: OT Drew Himmelman, Illinois State 

In the draft, the Giants bring the rest of the team together. First, Devonta Smith fell to them at 11. While this is not expected in real life, anything can happen and this is the DREAM offseason after all. Devonta provides a quick skilled WR1 who can do it all, as he proved in his Heisman season at Alabama. Jayson Oweh brings more EDGE depth, and Josh Myers helps strengthen the interior offensive line. Tre Brown and Damar Hamilin DB depth in the later rounds, and finally Drew Himmelman is drafted for OL depth. 

Overall, not everything in the offseason is likely or realistic, but if the Giants could put something like this together, they would be not only in a stronger place as a team but one of the stronger young teams in all the league. With Gettleman undoubtedly on the hot seat, an offseason like this must happen for the Giants to succeed.

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