Can Alexandar Georgiev Be A Franchise Goalie

Alexandar Georgiev

With the recent injury scare of Igor Shestyorkin a question that was raised is “Can Alexandar Georgiev Be A Franchise Goalie”. Alexandar Georgiev is a Bulgarian born goaltender for the New York Rangers of the NHL.

Who Is Alexandar Georgiev

The Bulgarian born goalie moved to Russia with his family at young age and began his hockey career there. Georgiev’s first professional hockey started at the raw age of 16 with Khimik Voskresensk U16 of the MHL. After his time in the MHL Georgiev went to play jr. a U20 with TPS of the Liiga in Finland. Although he posted a stat-line with a W-L record of 13-8-4, a GAA of 1.70 and a SV% of .923 he still went undrafted. That stat-line was still good enough to be invited to the New York Rangers training camp in 2017 and played well enough to get a contract.

His Time In New York

After Georgiev signed his entry level contract (ELC) he would spend the next two seasons split between the AHL and NHL. In those two seasons he posted a AHL record of 16most elite level rather than a minor league level. With the start of the 2019-20 NHL season Georgiev, would get a full time job as a NHL goalie playing 34 games with a stat-line of 3.04 GAA, .910 SV% and a record of 17-14-2 which is pretty great for a undrafted player in his early 20s

His Toolset

Georgiev weighs in at 180lbs and is 6’1 which makes him a good sized goalie. Watching the netminder play, he rarely looks out of place. Swagger is something very important to have as a goalie and Georgiev seems to not lack much of that. Georgiev is good on his blocker side, glove side, and rarely gets beat down low. Fellow goalie for the Rangers Igor Shesrtorkin, has something in his toolset that Georgiev does not. That being his puck playing skills that resemble Marty Brodeur. If there was one thing for Georgiev to work on it would be his puck playing skills which are not bad just not on the same level as Igor and if he wants to be the best he needs to work on that.

The Rangers Position

The New York Rangers are in a tough position because they have two capable #1 goalies who’ve shown signs of being starters. Out of the two goalies most fans would agree Igor is your guy. By no means am I trying to say Georgiev is bad but Igor is on another level. Now it would be easy to say “Oh lets just keep them both then” sadly you can not do that. The reason you can not do that is this little thing called the     salary cap. The New York Rangers are already a team near the maximum cap hit. Like most teams in the league they cannot afford to keep two starters. With Igor emerging as the better of the two Georgiev will have to part ways in the near future. 

The Answer

The answer to our question “Can Alexandar Georgiev Be A Franchise Goaltender” is maybe? Georgiev has shown all the tools to be a great goalie but, we will never know with him playing backup to Igor. Franchise goalies don’t grow on trees so to give Georgiev that label is a hard thing to do. For now we will have to wait and see what the future holds. And for Georgiev’s sake let’s all hope for the best for him.

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