Mid-Round Targets for the New York Giants

The first round of the NFL draft is obviously integral to a team’s success. The average NFL fan tends to overlook the later rounds as a result. However, it is here that teams will generally build the base for their roster. On top of that, the later rounds of the NFL draft have been the source for countless hidden gems.  NFL legends Tom Brady or Shannon Sharpe, who were drafted 199th and 192nd overall, respectively, came in the late rounds. With this said, as they build for the future, the New York Giants should pay close attention to the talent in the later rounds of the draft.

One of the Giants’ main priorities should be building their offensive line. One player that they should target for this is Georgia interior lineman Trey Hill. The young Hill would have the perfect chance to prove himself for Big Blue on the interior this season. This is as a result of the release of Kevin Zeitler and the less-than-stellar play from Nick Gates. On top of this, Hill would reunite with former teammate Andrew Thomas. A viable option for the Giants with a later pick, Hill should be available between the third and fifth rounds.

Another player the Giants could nab to fill a similar role on the interior is lineman Michal Menet out of Penn State. Menet starred at the center position for the Nittany Lions, and was extremely consistent throughout his 29 career starts. As the Giants’ interior offensive line continues to fall apart, Menet would be a big help in bringing it back together. He would be a great target for the Giants towards the end of the draft, between the fifth and seventh rounds.

The Giants are coming off a lackluster offensive season. As a result, they could look to select some late-round skill players. One such steal is Auburn wideout, Seth Williams. Not only would he reunite with former teammate Darius Slayton, but he would also fill a huge role for the Giants. William averaged over 16 yards per reception last season, with over 750 yards and 4 scores. He would be a great addition to the Giants.  They could hope to select him between the third and fifth rounds.

Although the Giants possess one of the game’s best halfbacks in Saquon Barkley, it could not hurt to acquire depth at the position. After all, Barkley has a rough history with injuries.  In addition, Barkley’s former backup Wayne Gallman is a free agent. He is likely to go elsewhere after a remarkable season in Barkley’s absence. To remedy this, the Giants should target Virginia Tech halfback, Khalil Herbert.  Averaging a stunning eight yards per carry, Herbert is the perfect backup for Barkley. He is an extremely viable late-round target.  The Giants could look to nab him between the fifth and seventh rounds.

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