Daniel Jones vs Jimmy Garoppolo; Who’s the Better QB1?

Daniel Jones is set to enter his third year as starting the starting quarterback of the New York Giants. Last year, the Giants’ struggled to compete offensively. They ranked 31st in total offense and 29th in passing offense according to Pro Football Reference. This year will be the make-or-break year for the young quarterback, and he needs to prove that he can play.

Jimmy Garoppolo faces a similar situation to Jones. Though he made the Super Bowl in the 19-20 season, he faces a crossroads with the 49ers. A big complaint is that Jimmy G is nothing more than a game manager. There is a lot of talk about the 49ers searching for an elite QB to take his place.

Both QBs have been mediocre and are approaching a year that needs to go well for them. There are excuses to be made for both QBs, but the bottom line is they both determine whether their team can succeed or not.  The question is, who is a better QB, Daniel Jones or Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo: Good Enough, or Game Manager?

Just two seasons ago, Jimmy G starter for the 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Now his future as a 49er is in question. In his last healthy regular season, he put up decent numbers, with 3,978 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. The 49ers would end that regular season with a 13-3 record, but it’s easy to see that this wasn’t because of Jimmy G.

The 49ers ranked second in total offense that year, but 13th in passing offense. The 4-12 Giants ranked 18th in passing offense. In rushing offense, however, the 49ers were second in the league. They also boasted the 8th overall ranked defense in the league and the best passing defense. It’s clear to see that a strong running game and defense made the 49ers contenders, not Jimmy G.

Garoppolo also cannot stay healthy. He injured his ankle in week two last year and came back two weeks later, but he would only play 4 more games before being sidelined. In 2018, he tore his ACL and was out for the year. His health problems are another reason it’s hard to rely on Jimmy G to put the team on his back.

The Case for Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones had a down year statistically in 2020. He finished the year with 2,943 passing yards, 11 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. These stats are very misleading, however.  Daniel Jones has it a lot worse than Jimmy G or most quarterbacks for that matter. Not to mention, this is not including rushing stats, in which Daniel Jones is way better than Garoppolo.

Firstly, DJs line is awful. It got slightly better this year, and young linemen like Andrew Thomas and Will Hernandez will become great linemen in time. This year, however, they were inadequate. The Giants allowed 50 sacks this year, which is tied for 2nd most in the league. They had the second-highest sack % in the league too. Granted, some sacks can be blamed on DJ not throwing the ball fast enough, or lack of escape ability. Still, 50 sacks is a lot to give up, and Daniel Jones is going to struggle with a lack of protection.

His receiver corps is also questionable. Darius Slayton had a major down year after a stellar rookie campaign. Sterling Shepard was often injured, and when healthy didn’t produce up to standard either. Golden Tate had a similar story to Shepherd, except worse. And finally, Evan Engram… was Evan Engram. Not only would the Giants have made the playoffs, but DJ would have at least two fewer interceptions if Engram could catch a football.

And finally, Jones hasn’t had the same offensive coordinator or head coach consistently in his career. He had Pat Shurmur as a head coach and Mike Shula in 2019, and now Joe Judge and Jason Garrett. Hopefully, their return can help DJ turn into a solid QB.

The Verdict

Daniel Jones and Jimmy Garoppolo are both solid QBs. Neither of them are elite, but they both are solid and can be starters in the NFL. However, I believe Daniel Jones is better in many ways. He’s younger, has a mobile game, and can stay healthy. Jones has had a much worse team in most ways, and inconsistent coaching. If the Giants can give Daniel Jones a better situation, then he’d easily perform at a much higher level. If I’m picking from these two QBs, I want Daniel Jones to lead my team for the future.



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