Sixers Edge Out Knicks in Quickley’s Second Start

Sixers Edge Out Knicks in Quickley’s Second Start 

Playing the top two teams in the East on back-to-back days was a tough task for the Knicks and unfortunately, they couldn’t cash in. The Knicks lost to the Sixers 99-96, despite six players scoring in the double digits. In this contested affair, Immanuel Quickley made his second start in as many nights, scoring 13 points. Julius Randle and Alec Burks led the team with 19 points apiece while Long Island native Tobias Harris led the Sixers with 30 points. 

Knicks in Charge…

Despite losing the game, the Knicks managed to lead for most of the game. They led for most of the first quarter and then from early in the second quarter until late in the fourth. At their strongest, the Knicks led by 10 points. On top of that, they outscored the Sixers in each of the first three quarters. By halftime, it was 56-48 Knicks. 

From the first to the third quarter, the Knicks’ strongest run of play, five players scored in the double digits. Randle had 18 points during this span, going 7-16 and 1-3 from behind the arc. However, the real sniping came from Reggie Bullock, who went 3-5 and scored 12 points. Quickley, in his second start of the season and his second in as many nights, had nine points in this span, going 4-7 and 1-3. Even though his presence wasn’t felt on the bench, the Knicks’ bench was still able to score 29 points–one less than the Sixers’ bench. Quickley finished the night with 13 points, down from 21 points in yesterday’s loss against the Nets. 

…But Can’t Finish the Job

Things fell apart at the end for the Knicks, as the Sixers made a late push to seal the win. In the fourth quarter, the Sixers outscored the Knicks 26-14, with Harris and Furkan Korkmaz each scoring eight points. On the other side of the court, Burks had the most points with five. Randle, after performing decently the rest of the night, was unable to be clutch for the Knicks. He managed to score just one point on a free throw, going 0-3 and not taking any three-pointers. 

It didn’t help that the Knicks had four turnovers this quarter compared to zero from the Sixers. In fact, the Sixers had three steals while the Knicks didn’t have any. On top of that, no other Knick was able to replace Randle’s production. RJ Barrett and Quickley each scored four points but that was it. The paltry 14 points this quarter was half of what the Knicks scored in the same quarter last night against the Nets. If the Knicks want to keep winning, they’re going to have to start and continue to close out games consistently.

Upcoming Schedule for the Knicks

The Knicks have a couple of days to rest and come back home. Their next game is against the Orlando Magic on Thursday–the first of a four-game homestand that sees them play the Sixers again and the Wizards twice. Their next meeting against the Sixers will be on Sunday. Hopefully, some rest and home-field advantage will do wonders for the Knicks when they face the Sixers again. If they can take tonight’s mistakes and learn from them, they will have no problem the next time out. 

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