Kenny Golladay signs 4 year $72 million deal with the Giants

Ladies and Gents the New York Giants have done it. Kenny Golladay is a Giant for the next four years. At about 3:45 Ian Rapoport stated to the public that Golladay will be a Giant. Golladay will make $72 million with a max of $76 million with $40 million guaranteed. NFL analysts have compared Kenny Golladay to Calvin Johnson over the past few weeks. The 27-year-old receiver only played in 5 games this past year but in those games still managed to get 400 yards and 2 touchdowns. Although the Giants are going to be paying him a lot of money over the next 4 years, Jones has found his primary target which could lead to a winning season. As of right now, the Giant’s offense looks unstoppable. Golladay will play alongside dynamic Sterling Shepard and young gun Darius Slayton which makes the Big Blue receiving core super strong. Giants fans will finally go to sleep tonight knowing Kenny Golladay will be wearing a Blue and White uniform for the next four years.

What Golladay will bring to the Giants table

Kenny Golladay isn’t just a good receiver, he’s a superstar. He will automatically become Jones’ number 1 target. in 2019 Golladay had 1,200 yards and a career-high 11 touchdowns. If Golladay stays healthy, the Giants should get his best four seasons of his career. Golladay brings not only power to the offensive but also unlike former wideout Odell Beckham Jr, he will bring leadership. Golladay gives 100% when he is on the field and doesn’t have a negative attitude. Hopefully, Kenny G and his New York Giants can bring us home an NFC est championship.

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