Top Options for the New York Giants #2 Cornerback

The New York Giants have not been as busy in free agency as other teams. The first couple of days of free agency have been quite quiet for the Giants. It looks like the Big Blue are looking to change this soon. Key FA signings such as John Ross III,  Kyle Rudolph, and extending Leonard Williams. Some pretty unnecessary moves have been made as well such as signings like Mike Glennon and Devonte Booker. There are still many spots the Giants need to fill such as wide receiver, offensive line, but more importantly the second cornerback spot. James Bradberry is coming off one heck of a season forcing two fumbles, three interceptions, and even cobinding for almost 60 tackles. Darnay Holmes has the potential to become a great cornerback. In all seriousness though, it’s time to consider bringing someone else in. There are multiple options for the Giants this upcoming season at Cornerback. Here are the tops options for the number two cornerback spot on the New York Giants.

Sign an experienced or young cornerback for a cheap deal

The Giants are in talks with star wideout Kenny Golladay. If the Golladay rumors are true, the Giants might not have the cap space to sign a corner they might need. Finding a young guy or veteran that the Giants can sign for a year or two could be ideal. Guys such as DJ Hayden or Malcolm Butler that have experience in the league and can lock them up for a year for little money could go a long way. Younger options such as Cameron Sutton or Adoree Jackson might have trouble fitting into Coach Judge’s scheme. The young guns also don’t have the experience the Giants might be looking for. At the end of the day, even guys such as Xavier Rhodes are going to automatically upgrade the #2 position.

Trade for Stephon Gilmore

Gilmore is one of the best man-to-man corners in the NFL, and with one year left on his contract, the Giants could strike a deal with the Pats. It was reported last season that New England was searching for a first-round pick in exchange for Gilmore, but there were no takers, which likely drove his value down. Acquiring him might be a perfect scenario for the Giants, who likely wouldn’t have to offer significant value. Some believe that a second-round pick might be a realistic haul, but if the Giants were to offer a third-round pick from 2021 and a 5th rounder from 2022 they could convince the Patriots to get it done. Also, considering that Joe Judge and Bill Belichick have a good relationship, this could be a dream scenario.

Draft a cornerback with the 11th pick

Another option for the Giants is to steal a cornerback with the 11th pick. In Mel Kipper’s latest mock draft he had superstar corner Patrick Surtain get taken with the 12th overall pick. Kipper also had superstar Caleb Farley go off the draft board with the 16th pick. This could be a dream scenario situation for the G-Men. Darnay Holmes was drafted in the fourth round last year and has already proven to be a steal. If the Giants draft either Surtain or Farley they would become one of the youngest defensive backfields in the league. Veteran James Bradberry would also guide the youngsters and develop them into the best player they can become.


It’s tough to say the Giants had a good year last year. The defense played tremendously this past year. One of the best Giants defenses that we have seen in recent history. Adding more great players is only going to make this team stronger. And strength is all the Giants will be asking for this upcoming season.

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