The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the New York Knicks in OT

The New York Knicks are now on a fifteen-game losing streak against the Philadelphia 76ers. The final score had the 76ers winning 100 -101. This was a huge game for the club as they attempted to avenge the loss, they took against the Philadelphia 76ers last Tuesday. If the Knickerbockers hope to make the playoffs, they will have to win some games against the NBA elite. Derrick Rose and Elfrid Payton missed the game for the Knicks. While Joel Embiid and Seth Curry were out for the 76ers.

Julius Randle finished with a game-high twenty-four points seven rebounds and five steals. RJ Barret once again had a strong game with nineteen points and eight rebounds. Alec Burks also had a strong game off the bench with twenty points. However, Shake Milton and Danny Green were just too much to handle. Danny Green finished the game with five steals and three blocks. While Shake Milton had a team-high twenty-one points for the 76ers. This loss moved the Knicks to 21-22 on the season. The Knicks now hold the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

Early on the Knicks looked like they would get blown out as the Philadelphia 76ers outscored the New York Knicks twenty-three to fifteen in the first quarter. However, the New York Knicks used a 13-0 run in the second quarter to close the gap. The rest of the game was a tug of war matchup as neither team took a commanding lead.  Ben Simmons missed two critical free throws in the fourth quarter that might have sealed the game. As the 76ers looked to close out the Knicks Randle came up with a huge bucket to tie the game. With 5.1 remaining Randle hit a clutch three with Harris draped all over him. Randle had an opportunity to win the game after the Knicks stole the ball, but he missed a three at the buzzer.

In overtime, the Philadelphia 76ers outscored the New York Knicks thirteen to twelve. While Danny Green caught fire hitting clutch back-to-back threes. Alec Burks had seven consecutive points to keep the Knicks in the game. Ultimate a loose ball foul against the Knicks with 5.3 remaining cost the Knicks the game. Randle was called for a shoving foul against Tobias Harris. As Harris iced the game for the 76ers at the line. Tom Thibodeau attempted to challenge the call, but it was oddly denied.

Coming up next for the Knicks are the Washington Wizards in a home and away match-up on the 23rd and 25th. Washington is 15-26 on the season.

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